As a workforce transformation company, our aim continues to keep generating content that helps employees with professional aspirations. In order to achieve this, we have been designing and developing in-house content that suffices the need for just-in-time training requirements. Our portfolio of courses has proven success in creating measurable impact on business performance while accelerating workforce development.

Each of our proprietary programs represents decades of research and methodologies that highlight experiential learning. Their value is brought to life by collaborating with clients to tailor each one of these to specific needs, as well as choosing the right facilitator to deliver true value during the training session, whether live or virtual. We aim to keep updating this catalogue to match the most prevalent issues identified by our partners.

What Do We Offer

Our in-house inventory of pre-built courses target the most pressing challenges that
the current workforce contends

Leadership Development Microlearning

Leadership Development

Offering a wide range of custom interventions and services, our leadership development courses help develop high potentials to grow from individual contributors to senior leaders. Our suite of professional development programs balances the efficiency of proven frameworks to drive transformational change.

Innovative Thinking Mobile Learning

Innovative Thinking

Incorporating design thinking in all aspects of business operations that helps organizations in finding excellent solutions in a cost-efficient and effective way.

Communication & Team Building Virtual Training

Communication & Team Building

Focusing on communication that helps in overall team collaboration in remote working scenarios. One of the most overlooked characteristics for smooth business operation has been communication. Perhaps, the changing working environment and technology improvements have made a focus on communication non-negotiable for organisations.

Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Training

Diversity and Inclusion

Understanding how each employee needs to be made aware of workplace diversity and create a culture of inclusivity. Organizations effectively harnessing diversity and inclusion experience an improved ability to recruit and retain talent and improved business effectiveness.

Sales and Customer Service Virtual Training

Sales and Customer Service

Establishing and nurturing client relationships for business has been one of our core focus areas. Our pre-built courses help sales and customer service teams to learn effective negotiation strategies, deliver extraordinary service, selling smart and trusted advisory skills.

Project Management Virtual Training

Project Management

Focusing on creating a hassle-free environment for employees is what we do by helping them through our project management programs. These lessons will guide them towards managing their daily workload and understand important project management fundaments to ensure project success.

Business Benefits

Infopro Learning leverages custom content development services as the turn-key solution to augment business performance

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