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Evolutionary Development

Our Evolutionary Development Model emphasizes the attributes that leaders need to embrace in order to navigate organizational change in the digital age. This model provides a roadmap to focus leaders on priorities for success.

Components of Evolutionary Development


The capacity to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about oneself.

To inspire, adapt, and develop, evolutionary leaders constantly invests in their own self-awareness. Not only does this make them vulnerable to change, but they view self-acceptance as a necessary step to fuel continuous growth. Through self-reflection, the evolutionary leader creates the internal capacity to inspire, adapt, and develop.


The ability to create energy, motivate others to action, and invoke positive emotions.

Evolutionary leaders must be able to show the way even when they don’t know the scope of the full journey. Uncertainty and ambiguity make the end-point unclear, but the aspiration that guides a leader’s vision must be clear. Inspiration generates intrinsic motivation and internal energy because it connects individual purpose to a larger purpose.


The ability to foster disruption, modify, and make things suitable for a new purpose.

Faced with unprecedented volatility, the evolutionary leader fosters internal and external adaptation, helping the system absorb change in real time and develop the capacity to generate more positive change. Adaptation is a core aspect of this leadership model: it positions the ‘doing’ beyond mere execution and into the realm of constant experimentation and continuous improvement.


The ability to master complexity, grow personally, and cultivate growth in others.

Crowdsourcing, co-creation, the sharing economy, and the increasing uptake of network models throughout the value chain make the ‘Develop’ pillar of the evolutionary leadership model critical to an organization’s ability to generate sustainable growth. Through this model, evolutionary leaders develop their own, and their organization’s capacity to manage complexity, which, today, is in many ways relational.

Our Holistic Approach

Leadership development should entail the full span of Influence; Mindset, Behavioral, and Processes. Unlike many other development models which focus only on behavioral changes, we also address the mindset shifts that drive changes in behavior and the resulting processes that create change throughout the organization.

  • Mindset

    How we view people and the organization based on our values and beliefs – your line of sight.

  • Behavioral

    What we give up and what we start doing – your actions and their impact on others.

  • Processes

    What we envision to expand organizational capacity – your influence to create new systems and tools that sustain ongoing change.

Leadership Development Strategy

Full service strategy development and implementation by our seasoned leadership and organizational development experts. We break down our process for collaborating and creating a dynamic learning strategy aligned with business priorities and the culture of the organization into three steps:

Organizational Assessment

We work with senior leaders to document current state versus future state within the context of the culture and business priorities

Gap Analysis

We conduct surveys/focus groups to validate senior leadership perceptions and create buy-in.

Tactical Plans

We create project plans with clearly defined milestones, roles, and responsibilities.

Custom Leadership Development Services

Infopro Learning offers a wide range of custom interventions and services to develop and support associates as they grow from individual contributors to senior leaders who promote transformational change. Our global faculty provides onsite support to augment learning and organizational development teams in the following areas:

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    Evolutionary Leadership Development

    Leadership development based upon our Evolutionary Development which focuses on the mega-competencies required of leaders to drive organizational growth in the digital age.

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    Senior-level Strategy Retreats

    Developing and delivering one or more sessions to create and fine-tune organizational or divisional strategy (long-term), problem solve challenges, and build team effectiveness.

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    Executive Coaching

    Providing one-on-one services, generally for three to six months, to work with organizational leaders and create and follow through on a development plan.

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    Team Interventions

    Working with intact teams, either new or mature, to fine-tune their approach as a team to work more effectively together to be successful to achieve business results.

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    High-potential Development

    Creating a program, generally spanning a year to eighteen months, which includes virtual and live programs on leadership content, mentorship, action learning, and other topics geared towards leadership progression.

Leadership & OD Programs

Our suite of more than 40 leadership and professional development programs balance the efficiency of proven frameworks with the effectiveness of engaging custom content. Train the trainer sessions are also available for organizations looking to deliver training with their internal resources.

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  • Courses offered
Leadership & Management
  • Our leadership and management development programs provide a proven framework for motivating each person to maximize his or her own strengths and to focus on areas needing development.

    • Strategic Leadership
    • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
    • Leader as Coach
    • Navigating Change
    • Mentoring High Potentials
    • Tackling Difficult Conversations
    • High-Performing Manager Series
    • Leveraging Your Time
    • Intentional Delegation
    • Attracting and Retaining Talent
    • Performance Management Essentials
    • Selection Interviewing
    • Motivating Employees
  • Effective communication is the cornerstone of all successful business transactions. How one communicates affects productivity, results, morale, attitudes and relationships.

    • Communicating Effectively
    • Leveraging Communication Styles
    • Writing for Results
    • Email Survival Strategies
    • Advanced Communication Strategies
    • Influencing With Impact
    • Powerful Presentations
    • Facilitation for Results
    • Conducting Effective Meetings
Critical Thinking
  • Providing leaders and other professionals at all levels with a way of considering the importance of critical thinking to solve business problems is a key objective of our programs.

    • Critical Thinking Essentials
    • Problem Solving Strategies
    • Making the Best Decisions
    • Strategic Business Thinking
    • Creativity and Innovation
  • Developing a culture that embraces and values diversity is more than just a good thing – it also makes for a strong business strategy.

    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Managing the Generations
    • Dealing with Unconscious Bias
    • Employment Law Essentials
Project Management
  • Companies that adopt a proven project management approach will strengthen the success rates of projects as well as accelerate the project completion. In our programs, teams learn how to apply these tools to expand the ability to meet project timing and cost requirements.

    • Professional Project Management
    • Project Planning Essentials
    • Project Management Simulation
Sales & Customer Support
  • Whether your employees are selling to customers or servicing customers to retain them, there is strong need for them to embrace a skill set that taps into the human factors to create new sales and to retain and celebrate customers.

    • Leading a Customer-focused Culture
    • Strengthening Client Relationships
    • Commitment to Extraordinary Service
    • Negotiation Strategies
    • Networking for Success
    • Selling SMART
Team Building
  • Our programs can be tailored to address the critical need to strengthen the ultimate performance of cross-functional, remote or intact teams.

    • Cross-functional Team Essentials
    • Making Teams Work
    • Building Business Partnerships
    • Managing Remote Teams

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