A renowned fitness and sports company with multiple locations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Connecticut faced challenges in providing consistent onboarding experiences for new hires from diverse backgrounds. Despite offering state-of-the-art facilities, elite coaching, and excellent hospitality, the company recognized the need for a comprehensive and cohesive onboarding program that could be implemented across all its locations. The leadership team sought to create a digital training solution that would deliver relevant, engaging, and interactive modules while also emphasizing the company's core principles, values, and policies. To achieve this goal, they collaborated with Infopro Learning to design and develop a unified onboarding program.

Award-winning Onboarding Program


This organization faced inconsistencies in onboarding experiences across its multiple locations, making it difficult to align new hires with the company's core principles, values, and policies. They worked with Infopro Learning to develop a program to achieve the following goals.

  • Provide consistency in training content and delivery across all locations to ensure a cohesive onboarding experience.
  • Highlight the company's core values, hospitality philosophy, and expectations for all employees.
  • Develop customized modules tailored to the specific needs of each job group in addition to the core modules applicable to all new hires.
Set Goals

To address their onboarding challenges, Infopro Learning developed a comprehensive solution that provided a consistent and personalized onboarding experience.

  • Activate Learner Engagement
    The program focused on engaging learners through interactive media, such as videos, photographs, click-to-reveal interactions, and scenario-based questions with diagnostic feedback.
  • Provide Personalized Learning Experiences
    The program delivered personalized learning experiences for each new hire by providing role-specific learning modules that incorporated reflective questions and job aids.
  • Provide Consistent Onboarding Experiences
    The program was designed to provide consistent onboarding experiences across all locations by reinforcing understanding through summaries, knowledge checks, and quizzes while emphasizing the company's core values and hospitality philosophy.

The program was highly successful, exceeding projected expectations.

  • Doubled engagement levels: Engagement doubled in comparison to the previous year.
  • Expanded program reach: The program reached over 50 new jurisdictions across the United States, increasing skills-sharing and resource-sharing capacity by 3x.
  • Increased participation: Over 250 participants voluntarily joined the new program.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

Infopro Learning developed a strategy to deliver both consistent and personalized learning experiences for employees in different locations and job roles.


Learning Content

Working alongside the organization's internal teams, Infopro Learning developed customized learning content for the different roles within the organization.



The Infopro Learning team developed all the digital learning content in a format suited for the organization's LMS.



2023 Silver Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Best Results of a Learning Program

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