Benefits of Employee Onboarding

Empowering employees for heightened performance and ambitious targets.

Employee onboarding
Solutions We Offer

  • Video-based-learning Video-based training
    Short videos are very popular among millennials, who are the largest group entering the workplace today. We create interactive videos and new employees can access them on their hand-held devices, thereby increasing their accessibility as well as impact.
  • Gamification-onboGamification
    We the onboarding experience even more impactful by incorporating gamification. Popular learner activities can be turned into simple interactive games with elements such as high scores, leader boards, badges and more.
  • Business-Simulation Business scenarios
    We create life-like business scenarios, that help new employees relate to the learning content and understand how it applies to their job roles. These business scenarios are short in length and build context around relevant workplace.
  • Social-and-Collaborative-learningSocial and Collaborative learning
    Engaging new employees is often a challenge for L&D leaders. We create onboarding solutions that blend social learning with formal learning to make sure learners can collaborate more and learn better.
Microlearning Solutions We Offer

Success Story

Onboarding new employees for Sales Function

Business ChallengeBusiness Challenge

Business Challenge

Business Challenge

The Client required a training to onboard their newly promoted senior sales personnel, to align them with business and organizational goals. The training strategy needed to:

  • Consider busy work schedules
  • Provide engaged learning
  • Foster peer networking.

Solution Solution



Infopro Learning created an onboarding solution, that aligned to the Learner profile, as well as their professional targets.

  • Cohort -based approach for increased engagement and excitement
  • Created a variety of Learning material for face-to-face workshops
  • Marketing plan and collaterals created to fuel an excitement around the learning event.
  • Continuous learning opportunities supported with online Discussion and Q&A forums.

Outcome Outcome



  • 97% of learners reported that their learning was enhanced
  • 97% of participants felt they would be able to apply what they learned on the job immediately.
  • The average rating of the learning event was 4.39 out of 5 – creating a clear path for better results and operational excellence.

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