Personalized Learning Experiences

Training and learning needs for organizations have changed drastically over the years. In the new normal, L&D programs prioritize continuous learning for specific requirements through interesting and engaging content. Custom eLearning development companies provide employees with extensive learning and development opportunities, thanks to online learning programs.

Consolidating modern learning experiences in training programs requires developing relevant content accordingly. Our custom content eLearning solutions have transformed to meet those requirements and ensure maximum knowledge retention and business impact. We use top-notch technologies and innovative methods to design and deliver adaptable, engaging, customized training for specific needs.

Innovative Custom eLearning Solutions

We offer an extensive library of courses designed to make the most of training costs
and enhance employees' performance and training investments.

Microlearning Microlearning


Microlearning evolved as one of the most successful corporate learning strategies to deliver training in short modules that keep learners engaged. Our Microlearning solutions are device-agnostic, allowing learners to fit training into their busy schedules and at the time of need.

Mobile Learning Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning offers just-in-time support for learners, empowering them to achieve workplace excellence. We develop mobile learning solutions that deliver objective-critical information in easily digestible chunks. From animations, interactivities, character sets, and color depths, our mobile learning solutions are media-rich and optimized for the latest devices.

Virtual Training Virtual Training

Virtual Training

Training in a virtual environment is just as effective as in-person training. We make vILT successful by personalizing the learning experience, which matches the learner's demographics, skill level, and time constraints. We use custom PowerPoint decks and guides, virtual training labs, and recordings for learners.

Employee Onboarding Employee Onboarding


The quickest method to gain competency is providing a fail-safe environment where learners can apply learnings practically. Learning simulations can help accomplish this by mimicking real-world scenarios. Our approach to learning simulation focuses on personalization, real-time feedback, delivery model, and consistency.

Customer Service Training Customer Service Training


Integrating game design concepts with work-based applications is the most effective learning strategy. We help incorporate game-based learning with organizational objectives using social and tasking games, leaderboards, gamified templates, and customized online mobile games.

Product Knowledge Training Product Knowledge Training

Video-based Learning

Videos are preferred above textual content by modern learners. Interactive videos significantly increase the attention span of learners. We develop immersive videos using animations and other innovative techniques to enhance engagement and on-the-job learning.

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We leverage custom content development services as the turn-key solution to augment business performance

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