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Our Promise

We make three promises to all of our clients. These promises are what we believe are central to any successful human capital transformation initiative and we are steadfast in our pursuit of living up to our promises to the fullest.

Meaningful learning experiences

Designing meaningful & engaging learning experiences that attract and engage employees across every stage in the learning journey.

Measurable performance impact

Putting people at the center of transformation to improve employee, partner, and customer performance.

Creating operational efficiency

Our global workforce, technology platforms, and governance models enable organizations to achieve improved speed and agility, at a reduced cost.

Our clients

Working with Infopro Learning

We will unlock your potential. That is the mission that our company strives to live out for our clients and our employees. As an employee, you will have every opportunity imaginable to unlock your potential, but it starts with having four key attributes.


The heart and soul of our company is creativity and innovation. We find new and better ways of doing things. We continuously strive to improve our business and our clients business. We challenge the obvious.


We are overly ambitious because we know it can be done. We raise the bar in everything we do. We strive to exceed expectations.


We are a group of highly motivated people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose to achieve amazing results.


We celebrate the amazing work of our employees and accomplishment of our clients, but we are also humble as we continuously strive for perfection.

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