This international mining corporation prioritizes safety, particularly for employees operating in hazardous conditions. In a proactive approach to equip all staff with the necessary skills for assessing risks in dynamic environments, the company collaborated with Infopro Learning. Together, they developed engaging learning experiences tailored to empower employees with these essential skills.

Award-winning Compliance Program


This industry leader needed a training program to engage learners and increase access to learning materials to ensure the safety of all employees working in hazardous environments worldwide. Infopro Learning worked closely with the organization's internal teams to design a program to achieve the following goals.

  • Orient all employees to risk and hazard management procedures.
  • Clarify roles and steps in the permit process.
  • Enable self-paced, self-directed learning.
Set Goals

Through close collaboration with subject matter experts from this leading organization, Infopro Learning created an immersive compliance training program to help employees understand the system for assessing risk in hazardous environments.

  • Activating Learner Engagement
    Digital scenario-based learning modules were created to engage learners and provide proper context for how these concepts should be applied on the job.
  • Increasing Knowledge Retention
    The program was structured using a micro-learning strategy to improve knowledge retention. This strategy helped break more complex topics down into smaller, easier-to-understand bites.
  • Reinforcing Core Concepts
    Through interactive elements, learners are encouraged to employ problem-solving skills as they practice what they've learned.

The program was a success helping the organization reach its safety goals.

  • 4.6/5 Internal Satisfaction Score: The program was well received by participants.
  • 91% of Employees Completed the Program: After the program's launch there was a significant boost in program completion rates in comparison to their previous training plan.
  • Average learner score of 90%: The data showed a high level of knowledge retention and understanding.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

The Infopro Learning team developed a strategy to maximize engagement and knowledge retention.


Learning Content

The Infopro Learning team worked closely with the organization's subject matter experts to create scenario-based learning content.



To increase access to the program, Infopro Learning designed the learning materials to be delivered digitally through the company's LMS.


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