Reduce Administrative Pressure

Learning Management Systems were intended to make L&D organizations life easier, but that is not always the case. In fact, most organizations do not have any given LMS for more than three years. This represents significant costs and inefficiencies every time a new software is identified. Even those organizations who remain loyal to a software face continual changes to their platform as updates and bug fixes are released over time.

The most cost-effective solution to this problem is outsourcing LMS administration. It allows businesses to focus on driving strategic initiatives in the organization, instead of getting bogged down in updating learner records, creating reports, or uploading and assigning courses. Even better, it ensures the person managing your LMS is 100% up-to-date with all new features and administration tricks, because it is managed and guaranteed by a third-party.

LMS Administration Services

We offer end-to-end LMS administration services that allow organizations to focus on more strategic initiatives.


LMS Implementation


Course Management
and Creation


User Management


Content/Catalog Management


24/7 Help Desk



Platforms We Support

We are committed to finding the certified talent for the Learning Management Systems that our enterprise clients use
the most. If we don’t already have qualified people on the platform that you use, we’re happy to identify potential
candidates and certify them to work on your LMS, at no additional cost.

Benefits of Working with
Infopro Learning

  • Cost Effective Cost Effective
    Our goal is to shrink cost of ownership for LMS Administration and we are dedicated to helping our clients prove the business case to their stakeholders.
  • Talent PoolTalent Pool
    Access the largest pool of verified LMS Administrators that you cannot find on any job board.
  • Flexible EngagementsFlexible Engagements
    Whether you want to hire people to work internally, or outsource the entire function, we can match our solution to fit your needs.
  • Global SupportGlobal Support
    Infopro Learning supports organization around the world, on any time zone, and in any language.