Delivering learning content is normally the most time consuming task for organizations. Regardless of the type of content, it is easy to overlook small details in delivery which have enormous impacts on learner engagement. iDeliver, by InfoPro Learning, overcomes these two big challenges of training delivery, regardless of the type of learning activity by separating delivery into distinct sections:

Pre-training: As outlined in the Performance Learning Blueprints, pre-training could cover a simple awareness campaign, targeting registration into the course, or it could be an entire training communication strategy, gaining excitement and buy-in from the target audience. For ILT and vILT, pre-training includes the management of class registration, location, size and instructor. For digital learning, this includes the upload and assignment of content in the LMS.

Training Execution: Ensuring that all training content is effortlessly accessible by the learners and that the delivery of the content is optimized. For ILT and vILT, this includes acquiring the correct presentation electronic tools (projectors, webinar tool, TVs, etc.), facilitator guides, and classroom handouts. For digital learning, InfoPro Learning performs exhaustive testing to ensure all targeted users have the right software versions, hardware, and bandwidth to consume the training.

Post-training: Once the content has been consumed, most learning programs will have knowledge checks, assessments, and continuing education. The iDeliver service maintains learner engagement and enrollment into all post-training sessions and can even be adaptive to respond to the learner’s performance on assessments.

  1. Learning intervention deployment on Learning management System/ Training Management Systems
  2. Delivery management
  3. Instructor management
  4. Roster, session and schedule management
  5. Infrastructure support (e.g., classroom support, material fulfilment, etc.)
  6. User management, class & enrolment management
  7. Virtual training deliver management
  8. Vendor management
  9. Internal communication
  10. Assessment, survey, certifications and awards
  1. Panel of trained and certified instructors to conduct courses
  2. Process and/or system that allows you to seamlessly manage classrooms, instructors, facilities, vendors and material fulfilment
  3. Process and/or system for internal communication, and scheduling for classes
  4. Feedback management and reporting
  5. Loading training data into LMS system for classroom training events

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