In this highly engaging courses, leaders learn to use emotional intelligence (EI) to communicate more effectively and improve their interactions with co-workers, colleagues, customers and management. Through a combination of self-assessments, personal-reflection and group activities, scenario role playing, and interactive classroom discussion, leaders gain exposure and practice using EI to successfully navigate various social and professional situations and settings.

This course leverages the EQ-i2.0® Model to help participants use emotional intelligence with a goal towards becoming more effective leaders.

The activity-based workshop provides participants with multiple opportunities to apply Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills to interpersonal work situations, thereby demonstrating empathy, flexibility, effective collaboration, and improved decision making skills.

While there is some discussion of emotional intelligence theory, most of this course focuses on practical application in the world of work. Participants have opportunities to discuss their own challenging situations and scenarios, then apply emotionally effective practices to produce more optimal outcomes.

Business Impact

Leaders become more effective at creating a workplace culture that drives employee engagement and productivity.

Retention of high-value employees increases when leaders operate with a high level of emotional intelligence.

Innovation, creativity and problem-solving are enhanced when leaders embrace the concepts of emotional effectiveness.

Communication is improved at every level of the organization resulting in fewer misunderstandings and mistakes.

Leaders who are emotionally self-aware become "models" for other employees to develop a similar level of self-awareness.

Leaders build confidence and capabilities for dealing with difficult situations and challenging people.

Learning Journey


  • Leadership
    Address Video *
  • EQ-i 2.0 test
  • Work-Specific
  • Meeting with Your Manager


EI Overview
  • EI Model and Report
  • EQ-i2.0® Assessment
  • Interpreting the Results
Intersession Activity**
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Collaborative Intent
  • Self-Perception
  • Empathy
Intersession Activity**
  • Self-Management Activity
  • Collaborative Workplace Application Activity


  • Action Planning
  • 30-60-90 Day Action Plan Reviews *
  • Virtual, Group Touchpoint Session *

Learning Objectives

Experienced Facilitators

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