What are Mobisodes?

Mobisodes are short videos for mobile learning developed by Infopro Learning. They are MP4, 3-5 minutes in duration, function as a part of a series, and leverage existing content. For more on what Mobisodes are and why they are useful see this recent article!

As we discussed in that article, we created Mobisodes to overcome the challenges that our customers were facing when developing Mobile Learning, such as delivery and technical requirements, engagement and consumption issues, and budgetary constraints.

To show how Mobisodes overcome these challenges here are the top three benefits of using mobisodes for your mobile learning:

Benefit #1: Easy Development and Distribution

One of the first barriers to creating a mobile learning campaign is delivery. How do you give learners access to your mobile learning courses? HTML5 responsive web course, mobile apps (ios, android), a hybrid application, or videos. We have done all of these for different projects, and from our experience we know that all of them require a certain level of development to be effective, but some require more than others.

We find that for responsive web courses, native applications, and hybrid applications to be effective significant investment is required. Each channel requires intensive work to tailor it to fit a small screen and the mobile learner’s small attention span. Simply providing the same eLearning course designed for a full screen experience on mobile devices does not create an engaging learning experience.

On the other hand, using videos for mobile learning, particularly MP4 videos, drastically reduces the difficulty of development and distribution. You sidestep the complex and chaotic world of mobile technology because MP4 is treated the same by all devices and your videos will look the same on an iphone 8, galaxy s8, android tablet, ect.

Furthermore, as we will discuss below, the development of MP4 videos is simple and straightforward. You don’t need a particular authoring tool as nearly every video production software will support publishing in a MP4 format.

Finally, virtually every Learning Management System on the market supports MP4 video files, such as our own LMS GnosisConnect, which makes it ridiculously easy to upload and deliver mobisodes to your mobile learners.

Benefit #2: Increased Engagement and Consumption

Another major challenge for mobile learning programs is, to put it simply, getting your learners to use it. As I mentioned above, when learners are on mobile devices they have different preferences and behave differently than when in the classroom or sitting in front of their computer.

Mobisodes are catered for the mobile learner. First, by shrinking the content into focused learning bites you will increase consumption. Mobile learners don’t have time for 30 minute or hour long sessions, but they do have time for a focused 3-5 minute video that provides a clear benefit for their spare 5 minutes.

Second, we create Mobisodes in series to cover larger learning topics. This allows your learners to select only the sections that they need at the moment or parts of the topic that interest them, increasing their engagement.

Benefit #3: Reduced Development Expenses

The most pragmatic barrier to developing mobile learning is cost. As cool and effective as native applications, tailored mobile HTML5 courses, and hyrbrid applications are, they can be expensive and require high upfront investment costs.

In contrast, the simple nature of Mobisode videos reduces development expenses and can fit any budget. Mobisodes can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. Videos with custom animation and professional voice-overs can be expensive, but for your mobisodes you could also create a simple video captured from a desktop screen with your own voice-over explaining the topic.

In addition, we create mobisodes from existing content, which we have found reduces the cost of developing the mobile learning by 50-70% on average. This allows you to leverage previous content investments and maximize your content return on investment. Solid learning courses developed from subject matter experts can be given new life with Mobisodes, and create a cohesive learning experience for your learners.

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