eLearning has been a hot topic lately because of the benefits it has to offer – Be it eLearning courses being immensely engaging or cut down on training costs and time. For L&D departments, it is important to identify employees’ pain points for learning new things and subsequently deliver eLearning training options to them.

Creating eLearning courses for employees is quite similar to shopping for clothes. A one-size-fits-all approach will not help them to diminish learning gaps. Pre-built courses might look cost-effective initially but will not cater to varying learning needs of the workforce. Off-the-shelf training will not be the best fit for specific skills and knowledge, eventually impacting your business results. Creating custom eLearning solutions anchor a plethora of business and learners’ needs to derive desired training goals with optimum ROI. Below cited are the reasons that explain why custom eLearning must be brought into the frontline –

Microlearning Strategies for Corporate Learners

1. Digital Influence

Designing custom eLearning courses lets you decide the most righteous strategy and format to include for creating training material. While ILT or VLT are impactful means of eLearning training, there could be a section of learners that would be interested to consume content in some other format, like videos, gamification or simulation.

2. Aligned with Organizational Needs

Every organization has a strategic business goal and to achieve that target there are several skills which are needed to be cultivated into the workforce. At times of such requirement, custom eLearning courses can be tailored based on real-life scenarios to make it more meaningful and impactful to be applied immediately on-the-job. Well-defined learning objectives direct learners to focus on definite takeaways from the training.

3. Content Relevance
For certain business needs, an existing product that imparts the required knowledge can be handy. However, demonstrating actual case studies to respective teams can be immensely helpful in uplifting sales processes. This makes content more relevant to employees resulting in higher return on the investments made during the process.

4. Reflects Brand Identity

Incorporating your brand image in eLearning courses creates a profound impact on employees. It is recognized as an asset of the organization, creating an astounding recall value. The course reflects company’s corporate values which creates a positive effect on the workforce resulting in strengthened employees’ commitment. This helps in devising great business rapport because of the customization done for employees.

5. Enhances Learners’ Motivation

Employee engagement and motivation towards a curriculum are crucial for its success. Factors like how direct the content is, mediums utilized, multi-device accessibility, length and structure of the program hugely influence learners’ enthusiasm. Custom eLearning allows you to manage these elements and take necessary steps over-the-time. With the evolution of learners, amendments in eLearning programs can be made ensuring the workforce remains engaged throughout the journey.

6. Accelerates Future Innovation

The rapid change in technology foresees that learning in the future will be more learner-centric and personalized. Custom eLearning is one such progression in innovative direction whereby exhaustive design can modernize learners’ experiences. Alike an augmented learning environment, learners’ needs are kept in the front line to speed up discovery and modernization process.

Now-a-days, organizations are focused on providing a lasting learning experience to their employees. For this, they need to create custom eLearning programs with compelling content to ensure the message is communicated in the most effective way yielding optimum ROI. To better understand this, download our guide on Creating Learning Experiences that explains how to establish the foundation to create engaging learning experiences. This brings attention to the importance of implementing custom eLearning at workplace ensuring valuable content quality for higher engagement.

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