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We build eLearning programs to improve employee performance, increase revenue, and reduce training expenditure, to help you maximize your return on training investment. Regardless of the tools and technologies used, our eLearning solutions include a mix of dynamic content, rich media, and opportunities for learners to apply knowledge in a virtual environment.

Tools and Technologies
  • We design custom eLearning training that aligns with your strategic corporate objectives using a variety of tools and technologies.

    • Custom courseware development using Rapid Learning Development Tools
    • Content development using our proprietary course engines in Flash/XML or HTML5
    • Content authoring within a customer’s LCMS
    • Legacy course conversion to enable delivery on multiple platforms
    • Localization Solutions in more than 100 international languages

Mobile Learning

Learning solutions to train on-the-go employees anywhere, anytime.


We develop mobile learning that improves performance by delivering objective-critical information in easily digestible chunks. From animations, interactivities, character sets, and color depths, our mobile learning solutions are engaging, media rich, and optimized for the latest devices.


We create mobile learning that is compatible with how your learners access information on-the-go, such as:

  • Native applications for the iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry
  • Web-applications specially targeted for handheld devices
  • Hybrid applications with API integration
  • SSL 256 encryption and identity management protocols

We provide mobile learning development in these areas:

  • Custom content development for mobile learning
  • Migration of existing eLearning content to mobile compatible formats
  • Business simulations
  • Interactive assessments
  • m-Refresher modules
  • Core business applications
  • Web services and API integrations
  • Mobility enablement for LMS/ LCMS

Mobisodes are short videos for mobile learning developed by Infopro Learning to overcome the common challenges our customers face developing mobile learning. Mobisodes are easy to develop and distribute, increase engagement and consumption, and reduce development expenses.

Instructor-Led and Virtual

Despite the growing popularity of completely autonomous training content, companies continue to invest more dollars in physical or virtual instructor led training by a significant margin. We maximize the investment in this training method through significant personalizations of the learning experience, which match the demographics, skill-level, and time constraints of the learner. Our end-to-end service includes:

  • Custom PowerPoint decks and guides for learners and facilitators
  • Activity guides that promote audience participation
  • Creation of virtual training labs and recording for remote access
  • Job aids that the learners can utilize as reference tools
  • “Train the Trainer” sessions
  • Trainer selection and facilitation


Creating a fail-safe environment for which learners can practice the skills and knowledge they need is the fastest way to achieve proficiency. Learning simulations achieve this by mimicking the most predictable experiences that employees will encounter in their job and then providing real-time feedback as positive or negative actions are performed. Our approach to learning simulation focuses on these variables:


Learners must feel they are actually on the job for them to enter the mindset needed to learn a new skill. This requires extreme customization to match the job environment and scenarios.

Real-time Feedback

This is what separates on-the-job training from on-the-job experience. In learning scenarios, learners have the ability to immediately recall the actions they took to get to a positive or negative outcome, thus making the impact more memorable than a post-event coaching session.

Delivery Model

On average, employees face the same 20% of situations more than 80% of the time. Digital simulations should focus on highly repeatable tasks that have few variables. In-person simulations should focus on the more random occurrences that may be less-frequent, but have the potential to be the most impactful.


Successful implementations of learning simulations require consistent roll out across all team members, especially those who are considered to already know it all and are mentors to other employees.


Integrating game design thinking with work based applications to drive performance and boost engagement

Why Gamification?
  • Naturally engaging: The human brain is conditioned at birth to play games. The very first learning occurs through games.

    Self-Appraisal: Gaming offers employees the opportunity for self-assessment and appraisal in their skills.

    Recognition across the board: Gaming offers the lucrative potential of highlighting achievements across the board. Employees are most motivated when recognized for their achievement or contribution.


Over 100 million hours of training videos are consumed on YouTube every year. Adapting to this new learner preference is not easy. It requires skills, software, and equipment that most organizations do not possess in-house.

  • Create video-based learning course content and assessments that work equally well on mobile platforms
  • Storyboard and produce videos using professional services
  • Internationalize videos and close captions
  • Host and manage video content on the cloud
  • Develop tools to manage and administer the training content and measure effectiveness of video training material

Learning Technology

The learning and development industry is one of the top-growth industries for new technology, and as a result L&D professionals now face the challenge of finding the right software for their specific business needs. We focus on simplifying the technology within your L&D department, allowing your team to spend less time managing software and more time focusing on important issues.

With both SaaS and Enterprise platforms, we bridge the gap between usability and your unique requirements, delivering exceptional user experiences while providing the features and analytics you need.

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    Learning Management Systems

    Bring structure, automation, and analytics to training and onboarding processes with our GnosisConnect LMS product.

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    Collaborative Learning Environments

    A smart, intelligent, next generation learning platform that is easy-to-use and provides an avenue for the collation of information.

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    Electronic Performance Support Systems

    Reduce the cost of training staff while providing training delivered in the moment of need.

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    Custom Learning Applications

    Developing custom-built learning software that helps to engage learners, increase visibility, and improve the productivity of your company.

Walk Me

HR Chatbot for Learning

Today's workforce expects a consumer-grade employee experience that will empower them to perform their best and guide their own career paths. Leyla, the HR chatbot for employee learning and development, fast-tracks employee productivity, builds organizational bench strength, and decreases the administration burden on L&D leaders.

Leyla delivers the content employees need most, in the moment of need.

  • Personalization
  • Curated Content
  • Powered by Machine Learning
  • Pre-built Learning
  • Customizable
  • Content Agnostic

Unlock Learn Learning Management System

Built to manage a true blended learning environment and delivered on desktop and mobile devices, Unlock LEARN LMS provides simple and intuitive access to content, how and when your learners want it.


Your organization requires software that can adapt to your unique needs, not the other way around. Let us build your company an LMS that you can truly call your own.

Mobile Ready

Create the seamless learning experience that your learners have been demanding by giving them an LMS that works without fail across every device and platform.

Comprehensive Support

Whether you need support via phone, email, or chat, we can provide 24/7 support in the world’s most common languages. We also provide full-service LMS Administration support, for those who want a turn-key solution.

Actionable Reports

Effortless reporting tools and customizable dashboards to filter out the noise and provide you actionable insight. Feel free to take your data even one step further through our data export tools, available in CSV and PDF formats.

Quick Implementation

We cut months, and headaches, out of implementing a new LMS by guiding you through an agile implementation process with dedicated project managers and training programs.


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