In this weekly blog series, we’ll share 5 ways mobile learning can increase productivity and employee satisfaction and drive the results that matter most to your organization.

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Mobile Learning in the Moment of Need

As discussed in part 1, employees are being asked for more than ever, in less time. In fact, employees only have 1% of their work week, just 24 minutes, to dedicate to training and development[1]. With time limitations like that, training initiatives need to be delivered at the moment of need, in a format or on a device that the employee prefers.

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Mobile learning is here to stay, and for good reason. Employees don’t need to wait for training events to be educated on consumer trends, competitor activities and brand campaigns. Instead, information accessed on a mobile device gives employees real-time learning when and where they need it most.

Imagine being able to access online job aids, process checklists, interactive simulations or short training videos – at your fingertips – whether you’re in the office or the field. This kind of contextual, pervasive learning delivery prevents common errors, mitigates compliance risks and closes knowledge gaps.

Create Learning ExperiencesDid you know that people forget nearly 70% of what they learn in a training if it’s not applied in the first 24 hours[2]? With mobile learning, training takes place on a device that employees use throughout their day. Pushing employees to eLearning content on a device they’re comfortable and familiar with yields better engagement and knowledge retention. They can visit the course again with little barrier to entry or can be reminded to engage via push notifications.

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