In this weekly blog series, we’ll share 5 ways mobile learning can increase productivity and employee satisfaction and drive the results that matter most to your organization.

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Creating Collaborative Experiences with Mobile Learning

Aligning organizational strategy across departments can prove challenging, especially in larger, more dispersed organizations.

There is an intrinsic link between social communication and mobile use – nearly 80% of social networking is now done on mobile devices.[1] Inserting learning into a digital environment that is social by nature gives employees the ability to be productive, communicate and share information without having to step foot in the office. Online work groups, peer-to-peer platforms and social networks close the gap between geographies and departments. Remote teams can brainstorm ideas and co-ordinate initiatives in real time.

Collaborative learning is often put the wayside as we enter the corporate world. Our early years of learning take place in a group environment that fosters critical thinking, oral communication, leadership skills, self-esteem and diversity and inclusion. Upon entering the workforce, learning can become an event-based chore that not only loses the allure of insatiably curiosity, but also isolates individuals from the more tangible benefits of knowledge sharing.

Create Learning ExperiencesMobile learning decreases the barrier to entry for social learning environments. With mobile learning, you can often share, recommend and access content with a few taps of your finger. Colleagues can engage with eachother no matter if they’re in different business units or completely across the world – and apply newly-learned knowledge immediately. Mobile training content becomes a tool that mitigates the downfalls of the Forgetting Curve and unites your organization in a culture of learning.

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