In this weekly blog series, we’ll share 5 ways mobile learning can increase productivity and employee satisfaction and drive the results that matter most to your organization.

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Measure Training ROI with Mobile Learning

One of the biggest complaints from top management is not knowing the ROI on training investments. Mobile learning is revolutionizing the way companies can monitor, measure and report effectiveness of their training programs.

One touch polls and online surveys accessible via mobile allow companies to quantify knowledge at any time. Mobile technology allows managers to track LMS engagement and completion rates of remote teams. Feedback can be recorded after the practical application of learning has taken place, instead of asking employees to reproduce knowledge in post-training questionnaires. This provides employers with actionable insights about their training effectiveness.

Not only does this valuable information help large companies justify their training spend, but it fuels continuous improvement of learning programs to support better on-the-job performance.

For example, spending on sales training last year topped $20 billion and consistently ranks in the top three areas of focus for training each year. Within this market, more than 50 percent of content is directed towards improving selling skills. But how can you improve the impact of your sales training without increasing your total budget? A shift toward focus on product knowledge training could make a big difference with the same budget figures. These are the types of analysis and assessments that you must do, with mobile learning or traditional programs, to determine where your dollar will go the farthest.

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In summary, mobile learning is not about taking your existing training content and squeezing it into a small screen. It is about identifying your organization’s training challenges and using the benefits of mobile training to overcome these barriers. With the increasing amount of time teams are spending connected to devices, now is the perfect time to leverage mobile learning for improved employee performance.

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