In this weekly blog series, we’ll share 5 ways mobile learning can increase productivity and employee satisfaction and drive the results that matter most to your organization.

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Mobile Learning, Just-in-Time

Just-in-time (JIT) learning doesn’t always have to be mobile, but it’s a natural match. By definition, JIT learning delivers employees the information they need, when they need it. By taking it one step further, mobile learning lets you get training to learners in a moment’s notice on a device they prefer.

As we touched on earlier in this series, today’s learner has very limited time to learn. Employees only spend 24 minutes a dedicated to training and development[1]. As business leaders and managers try to weave learning opportunities into hard-pressed schedules, previously dense materials are being transformed into bite-sized, mobile-friendly content that take less time to consume, can be applied immediately, and decreases time to impact.

A recent study[2]shows that:


    • 89% of workers want training anytime/anywhere they need to do their job;


    • 85% of workers want to be able to choose training times that fit their schedule; and


    • 80% of workers believe frequent/regular training is more important than formal workplace training.


Learners also report 45% faster course completion rates on smartphones than on computers.[3] Videos and podcasts can be quickly consumed while commuting to work or completing daily tasks. Employees no longer have to wait until they in the office to continue their learning journey. With mobile learning, they are in more control of their development and career path.






[3] Learners also report 45% faster course completion rates on smartphones than on computers.

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