Talent acquisition or recruiting a perfect match for a job has always been a cumbersome task for the human resources department. It got worsened with the dramatic transformation of the workplace settings. The entire process became very hectic, from screening candidates to conducting interviews to negotiating and rolling out the final offer letter. Especially while hiring a learning and development talent or when an organization needs to accumulate talent to cater to their urgent project requirements. An efficient talent and economical solution become a tedious task in such situations.


This is where Talent as a Service (TaaS) emerges as a savior for learning leaders.

The acronym TaaS sounds similar to SaaS, Software-as-a-Service, and PaaS, Platform-as-a-Service, which took the software industry with the boom. Similarly, TaaS is here to revolutionize the talent development industry by taking all the tiring processes off the shoulders of the hiring managers.

Let’s start with understanding TaaS and how it works within an organization.

What Is Talent as a Service Model, and How does it Work?

Talent as a Service is a workforce model that helps L&D organizations hire highly-skilled, on-demand, experienced L&D talent quickly and cost-effectively. The TaaS model offers qualified individuals more opportunities and gives them the flexibility to collaborate on projects with several top-notch organizations. Thus, TaaS creates a win-win situation for working professionals and organizations.

TaaS has emerged as a game-changer for small organizations or startups. The TaaS model helps organizations access expert talent managers who can work directly with them to plan and develop unique talent solutions, suiting their needs and circumstances.

At Infopro Learning, we transform organizations by enabling employees to perform to their fullest potential by providing a broad range of talent, training, consulting, and technological capabilities. For more than a decade, the largest organizations in the world have relied on us to provide effective learning solutions that have a discernible effect on performance.

Here are how organizations get access to the top L&D talent with our Talent as a Service model.


  • Kick-off call between the client & HR specialists
  • Position is curated, and role description is prepared


  • Sourcing a vast network of L&D resources
  • Passive & active candidates are identified through an extensive search
  • Sourcing is done from the database, partners, and job sites


  • Pre-screening and assessment of candidates are done
  • Detailed candidate profiles are submitted for stakeholder’s review


  • Candidate’s interview is arranged with the client
  • In-depth background & reference checks are performed
  • Offer is developed & negotiated


Candidates are onboarded internally by an internal orientation program covering internal policies, key contacts, a code of conduct, and a new assignment.


Introducing the resource to clients and stakeholders and conducting a formal kick-off and handover.

Infopro Learning is committed to connecting businesses with top-tier digital learning professionals that can seamlessly integrate with existing in-house resources. Read the benefits of our L&D talent as a service from the infographic.

Why has the TaaS model become a necessity?

Post-pandemic organizations are focusing on innovations and new technology implementation to thrive in the new workplace normal. Furthermore, the number of gig workers such as independent contractors, freelance remote workers, project-based talent, and on-call and temporary employees have also increased. Organizations are looking to devise new ways to attract and retain exceptional L&D talent with such a disruption.

TaaS and the gig economy are intertwined. With technological advancements, establishing a remote team has become an appealing option for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises since it allows them to tap into a global pool of tech expertise at a fraction of the cost.

According to the 2021 Recruiter Nation Report-Jobvite, 35% of organizations outsource more jobs to freelancers and gig workers— a 13% upward shift since 2020, and 54% of organizations plan to outsource even more jobs moving forward.

Listed below are the benefits of the TaaS model for organizations, making it a business imperative. TaaS fosters:

  • Greater recruitment flexibility
  • High-demand and specialized skill set availability
  • Cost-effective pricing strategy
  • Improved employee value proposition (EVP) and brand awareness
  • Productive teams
  • Future-proof talent requirements
  • Responsiveness to dynamic business conditions
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement

Learn how to create a scalable and adaptable L&D team for the future from our recent blog on Talent as a Service.


The dynamic nature of the technology landscape makes it difficult for employers to find technically qualified workers. HR professionals must wear multiple hats, including enhancing staff productivity, planning, performance management, engagement, retention, and other duties. Talent acquisition as a service is here to help to hire managers with their challenges.

With efficient TaaS solutions, Infopro Learning seeks to simplify the challenges associated with creating the best teams for the best tasks. Access top L&D talent anywhere and boost your L&D initiative with an on-demand talent acquisition service. Let’s connect.

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