Today organizations are rapidly transforming their everyday business practices to improve efficiency and better meet changing customer needs. Many organizations have adopted new software, processes, and procedures to adapt to the current market. However, these rapid transformations can disrupt employee performance. There is often resistance to change, and many employees need new skill sets to be successful in their changing roles.

Outsourcing performance management services is one-way industry leaders are facilitating successful workplace transformations. Performance improvement consultants have the skills and abilities needed to identify and address performance issues at both individual and team levels.

Identifying Performance Issues

Experiences performance consultants use a strategic performance improvement model to identify the source of the performance problems. When it comes to improving team, performance learning solutions are often needed to help individual team members learn the skills they need to work more efficiently as a team.

Identifying the key knowledge and skills gaps that are hindering performance is a critical first step in correcting the issue. One of the most common mistakes that organizations make when developing training is skipping this critical step. Performance consultants find the issue by evaluating the current state of performance and by conducting interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges the organization is facing.

4 Most Common Causes of Poor Team Performance

Poor Communication

Highly effective teams are able to communicate and collaborate well, creating a more cohesive and productive team environment. 99 % of survey participants shared that they want to be part of an organization that nourishes honest communication (1).

Ineffective Leadership

Skilled leaders drive performance, productivity, and innovation, but poor leadership results in high turnover. 79% of employees will quit their jobs due to a lack of appreciation from leaders (2).

Low Levels of Employee Engagement

Engagement significantly impacts performance at every level. Only 36% of employees are engaged in the workplace in 2021 (3). What is more interesting is that engaged teams can increase profitability by as much as 21% (3).

Lack of Formal Training

The modern workplace has significantly changed over the last year. New digital tools and processes have been introduced. Employees need entirely new skill sets to keep up with these changes. Whether they need to learn more about intercultural communications or how to use new software, a lack of subject matter knowledge is one of the top causes of performance issues.


Equipping Leadership Teams with Skills to Increase Productivity and Innovation

The performance of your leadership teams directly impacts the success of the entire team’s performance. An outsourced performance consultant will be able to identify if there are knowledge and skill gaps in your leadership team that needs to be filled to improve performance.

Skills gaps that negatively impact team performance include advanced communication, understanding leadership styles, and leadership skills for managing remote teams. Effective leaders are major contributors to team performance. Investing in their development can help organizations increase innovation and boost productivity.

Developing Business Aligned Performance Improvement Plans

Highly skilled performance consultants know that employee development programs that support organizational goals are the most effective. Employee development programs help facilitate successful change and transitions. They help organizations improve the skills of individual team members to boost team productivity and help the organization achieve its core business objectives.

Performance consultants achieve this by looking at the gaps in performance that preventing the business from reaching its goals. They then identify performance issues at both the individual and team levels. Then they can develop a strategic performance improvement plan and implement quality employee development programs to help fill gaps in skills and knowledge.

Final Word

Outsourcing with a performance consultant can help your organization ensure that your teams are performing at optimal levels. Improving team performance can positively impact your organization in a variety of ways. Improved team performance can decrease turnover, increase productivity and boost revenue. Listen to the webinar replay of The Importance of Organizational Transformation for Business Today.

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