Today it is becoming more and more common for organizations to adopt remote-friendly learning programs. Last year a large portion of the workforce moved into remote roles, and now just a year later, experts suggest that remote work is here to stay.

As organizations create their post Covid19 plans, many business leaders plan to adopt a hybrid workplace model where employees work both in the office and from home alternately. They are now looking for ways to streamline their online training programs, and for many, outsourcing with a learning administration provider is the answer.

A lot of time, money, and expert-level knowledge is often needed to provide quality online learning experiences. Outsourcing with a learning administration provider can help your organization improve these programs’ operational efficiency in three different ways. They can assist with virtual learning moderation; they can assist with LMS administration and help with program evaluation.

Hosting and Moderation of Virtual Learning Programs

One of the most popular forms of online training today is a virtual instructor-led training (VILT). It has increased in popularity because of its ability to engage learners and allow social learning to occur in a virtual environment. This is especially helpful for remote employees. One of the best ways to improve virtual training sessions’ quality is by using a moderator to assist the instructor.

Hiring an outsourced expert-level moderator can help improve your virtual classroom management in several different ways. A moderator can handle the technical aspects of setting up, testing and monitoring the virtual classroom. They can also assist the instructor by facilitating the course’s social aspects by sharing participants’ questions and activities such as monitoring poles.

LMS Administration

Many enterprise organizations today use learning management systems to host and manage their online learning programs. However, it can take a while to train your in-house teams to manage and effectively operate an LMS. Outsourcing the administrative service tasks related to your LMS management can be a simple and cost-effective solution.

An outsourced partner can assist you by providing technical LMS support and handling tasks associated with the system’s management and updating. This will help save your organization’s time and allow you to focus on more important aspects of your L&D programs, such as selecting the most suitable subject matter and training topics.

Tracking and Reporting

It is more important in today’s disruptive environment than ever before to measure your training programs often. Businesses change policies, procedures, and services all the time. Your findings will be essential for identifying changes and updates that need to be made to deliver high-quality training that impacts performance.

An easiest way to ensure that training and development programs are performing well is by continuously evaluating their effectiveness. Whether you want to measure the effectiveness of a classroom training session, a VILT course, or an eLearning series, an administrative services provider will have the needed resources to assist you with the evaluation process. Some of the common tracking and reporting tasks an outsourced provider can help with, include the following.

  • Attendance
  • Operational metrics
  • Training effectiveness
  • Business metrics
  • Participant feedback

Final Word

Developing a learning strategy that supports your organization’s goals and employees is one of the best ways to set your organization up for success moving forward. For many, this means strengthening and streamlining their online employee development process. Outsourcing with an administrative services provider can lighten your in-house teams’ workload and make the entire process easier.

An administrative services provider can help you facilitate and moderate your virtual programs. They can assist with the management of your learning management systems. They can also handle the monitoring and tracking of your development programs. Each of these services can help you save time, money and improve training effectiveness.

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