Training outsourcing is an effective solution for enterprise organizations who are looking to streamline L&D processes and provide quality learning experiences to their employees. Over the past year, organizations have been investing more in their online training programs.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, many businesses needed to convert their instructor-led learning programs into online training formats last year. As we move forward, organizations are focusing on adopting new business strategies that improve agility and resilience. For many modern businesses today, outsourcing the learning management systems administration can help them streamline the management of their employee training programs.

3 ways Your Organization Could Benefit from Outsourcing the Management of Your LMS

There are many reasons organizations choose to outsource different training functions, including cost-effectiveness and improved efficiency. However, many organizations struggle to know which outsourcing solutions are the best fit. There are three common signs that working with a training administration provider would benefit your business.

You are not currently using your LMS and its features to their fullest extent

An LMS is a large investment. These systems come with features for content creation, course management, tracking, and reporting. When used effectively, they can help organizations improve employee performance, ensure compliance requirements are met, and help employees further develop their skills. Unfortunately, it is common for many of these features to be left untapped, meaning that your organization is not getting the most out of its investment. An outsourced administration service provider can help manage your system to help your business use your LMS to its fullest extent.

You have a small team or single administrator

Another common sign that you are in need of an outsourced provider is if your business has a single administrator or a small team managing the LMS. It takes a knowledgeable team to manage an LMS. An outsourced provider can dedicate a team of trained experts to manage your system.

Your in-house administrative is responsible for other tasks unrelated to your LMS

If your in-house team is juggling multiple duties outside of LMS management, you should consider outsourcing. If your team is juggling multiple duties, your LMS may not always be the highest priority, impacting the quality of training your organization provides.

What Services do Outsourced Learning Administration Providers Offer?

A learning administrative provider offers several services related to LMS management, including:

  • Course Management
  • User Management
  • Reporting
  • Onboarding

They also often offer several additional services that are unrelated to LMS management, including:

  • Scheduling
  • Logistics
  • Budgeting
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Help Desk Services

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing LMS Administration? Working with an LMS administrative provider can help your business get the most out of your learning management system. There are three major ways your organization can benefit from working with an outsourced provider.

Improve Training Effectiveness

Online learning environments require regular maintenance and updates. An outsourced provider can help ensure that your organization’s training is up to date with the most accurate information.

Quicker Resolution Times

Many outsourced providers offer LMS support services. They can help resolve complex issues quickly without interrupting your organization’s workflow. The faster these issues are resolved, the sooner your employees can continue their professional development.

Free up Time to Focus on Business Priorities

Give your L&D teams more time to assist with high-priority items such as strategy development. Streamlining your business’s L&D needs allows your internal employees to focus on your business’s core goals.


Modern workplace environments have evolved over the last year. Many organizations have adopted new flexible workplace models. The need for employee reskilling has grown. In many cases, traditional training programs are no longer effective; employee training programs now need to meet the changing needs of modern learners. eLearning programs have taken center stage, and organizations rely on learning management systems to provide employee training. Outsourcing the management of your corporate LMS can help streamline the L&D process and maximize the value of your online learning programs. Learn more about modern training solutions and listen to the podcast Removing Risk by Focusing on Business Outcomes.

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