Today eLearning solutions are booming. In just a year we have seen rapid growth in both the remote and global workforce. Organizations who once used methods such as instructor led training have had to adapt to the current times.

Online training solutions offer many benefits for modern employees and companies. Today the most effective corporate training programs consist of highly personalized interactive online learning activities.

The development, maintenance and daily use of the learning management systems used to run online learning programs requires a significant commitment. A lot of time, money and expert level knowledge is needed to effectively run these systems. This can take away from other pressing priorities. This is one of the reasons why many industry leaders choose to outsource learning administration services with a partner.

Outsourcing is a particularly advantageous solution for organizations who are focused on developing quality learning experiences and driving organization wide innovation.

Reducing the time spent on administrative tasks can help your company focus on what really matters. In this blog post we will share with you the 5 areas learning administration can help you streamline.


Learning administration can reduce the amount of time that goes into scheduling. Most partners offer services that cover finding and booking instructors. They can also setup meetings for virtual instructor led training sessions. Additionally, they can send out invitations and reminders out to participants ensuring the higher rates of participation.


Learning administrative services can streamline all logistics related tasks. Whether your company is looking to secure content or print training materials these tasks can easily be outsourced. Logistics services also cover technical support needs. They often include service related to reserving venues and finding arrangements for travel.

Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and reporting are critical tasks that enable your organization to accurately determine program effectiveness. Careful tracking and measurement ensures that your company can analyze the ROI of your training programs and gauge cost effectiveness. This data can be used to optimize low performing programs.

Unfortunately, this is one of those tasks that requires expert level knowledge and experience to execute effectively. By outsourcing these tasks, you ensure that the measurement of training effectiveness is accurate and useful. An experienced outsourcing partner will have a strategic process in place to measure the specific metrics needed to gauge program effectiveness. These include the measurement of attendance, operation metrics, business metrics and participant feedback.


Outsourcing can also be an effective way to streamline budget related tasks. Much time can effort goes into financial record keeping and the maintenance of a training budget. An outsourcing partner can make the process simple by employing a team of financial experts to handle all budget related tasks. They can handle financial procurement, keep records of expenditures, and provide accurate financial reporting.

LMS Administration

Managing a learning management system is a full-time job all in itself. It can take quite a while to train an in-house team to handle these tasks. Many organizations make the common mistake of implementing a new LMS without creating a plan to manage, maintain and operate it. The result is more headaches and less than optimal results.

A partner can help you handle everything including course management, use management, reporting and onboarding related tasks. Streamlining your LMS administration tasks will help you get more out of your system.

Final Note

Today eLearning is growing popularity. The tools and technology required to run these programs effectively often take much time and money to manage. The added workload of administrative tasks related to training is costly. It can take attention away from the learning objectives that really matter. Streamlining administrative tasks by outsourcing helps your company focus on developing quality learning experiences. These experiences are what drive productivity and innovation throughout a company.

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