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    Managed Learning Outlook

    Unlocking Potential of L&D


Post COVID-19 there’s tremendous challenge among leaders & L&D team to figure out new ways to adapt to new normal. “The shift to virtual learning is representative of the permanent shifts that digital transformation has brought to our world.” explains Eric Rodgers, EVP, Infopro Learning. “The early adopters and early majority will enjoy a significant business advantage in efficiency, change transformation, and leveraging technology.”


Having a process which is not only scalable but also outcome based, presents opportunities and a new way to look at L&D that helps in redefining how we work. Infopro Learning places learning transformation as the core change agent for businesses – enabling them to adapt, thrive, function, and perform in an ever-changing environment.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Current State Of L&D
  • Overview of Managed Learning Services.
  • What Constitute an Ideal Managed Learning Services Framework?
  • Why You Should Go for Managed Learning Services Post 2020.
  • Using Outcomes Approach to Unlock Potential and its impact in Managed Learning Services.

Managed Learning Outlook


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