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    The Learning Experience: Delivering the Business Results that Matter Most

    How an Inside-Out, Outside-In Approach to Talent Development will Help L&D Get a Seat at the Table


Business has never been more volatile than it is right now. We’re experiencing a mass exodus from the largest generation ever, who is being replaced by the vastly different, purpose-driven Millenials and Gen Z. Access to technology has us always on, delivering more than ever, with colleagues across the world. Innovation is happening at light speed, and leaders are trying to transform their organizations to be better prepared for the future.

To meet the needs of a changing workforce and to get a seat at the executive table, L&D leaders must demonstrate the value of learning and close the gap between what training employees want and companies offer.

Join Arun Prakash, Chief Learning Architect at Infopro Learning and Diane Haines at OpenSesame to learn how L&D leaders can marry the needs of the business and individual learners to become strategic partners in planning and growth of their organization.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why many of today’s learning programs don’t meet expectations of the learner or organization
  • What an outside-in, inside-out approach to a learning strategy looks like
  • How to transform your learning experience to achieve the business outcomes specific to your organization
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