A prominent non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the health and dignity of those impacted by HIV/AIDS wanted to strengthen its training and advocacy efforts. With seven different teams, it recently recognized the need for a collaborative learning platform. To address this need, they partnered with Infopro Learning to implement a social learning module within their existing LMS to enable users to share thoughts, interact with peers, and foster a dynamic learning environment.

Award-winning Learning Platform Program


The prominent non-profit organization needed a learning program to enable the collaboration of users across its seven different teams. They worked with Infopro Learning to create a solution that would achieve the following.

  • Facilitate seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization's seven programmatic teams.
  • Foster a dynamic and engaging learning environment to enhance training effectiveness and advocacy efforts.
  • Enable users to interact with peers, share insights, and leverage collective expertise to drive better health outcomes.
Set Goals

To address the organization's, need for a collaborative learning platform, Infopro Learning designed a tailored solution that effectively met their requirements.

  • Foster Collaboration
    The platform was designed to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among learners through social features such as posts, likes, comments, and the creation of communities.
  • Enhance Training Effectiveness
    By embedding the engaging elements of social media into the learning platform, Infopro Learning created an interactive environment that enhanced the effectiveness of the training programs and ensured content accessibility for all learners worldwide.
  • Enable Peer Interactions
    The collaborative module enabled users to share case studies, receive feedback from peers, and expand their professional network by adding contacts.

The program was highly successful, exceeding projected expectations.

  • Doubled engagement levels:
    Engagement doubled in comparison to the previous year.
  • Expanded program reach:
    The program reached over 50 new jurisdictions across the United States, increasing skills-sharing and resource-sharing capacity by 3x.
  • Increased participation:
    Over 250 participants voluntarily joined the new program.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

Infopro Learning developed a strategy that would maximize collaboration and learner engagement.


Learning Content

Working alongside the organization's internal teams, Infopro Learning developed a learning module centered around collaboration and knowledge sharing.



The Infopro Learning team integrated the use of social media into the program to increase knowledge sharing, collaboration, the sharing of resources and to increase accessibility.



2023 Silver Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Best Use of Social Collaborative Learning

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