This organization is dedicated to enhancing safety standards for professionals. They achieve this by providing training and certification programs for students and trainers. Recognizing the dynamic landscape of technology and business, they have identified the necessity to introduce cutting-edge professional development initiatives. To ensure sales professionals stay up-to-date with industry advancements, they partnered with Infopro Learning to implement and customize a cloud-based learning management system.

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The organization sought a learning management system to implement the delivery of exceptional learning experiences to their members, aiming to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Customizing the LMS to align seamlessly with the organization's brand identity.
  • Implementing tailored navigation features to optimize user interactions.
  • Integrating additional functionalities, including social media integrations, to enhance engagement levels.
Set Goals

Infopro Learning developed a tailored cloud-based learning management system to effectively enhance the organization's learning program delivery and management.

  • Enhanced learning experiences
    A student portal featuring a user-friendly interface was designed to streamline the certification application process, ensuring a seamless experience for learners.
  • Streamlined program management
    A dedicated trainer portal was established to empower trainers to manage certification topics effortlessly. This portal enables trainers to update topics, share certification requirements, and oversee program details efficiently.
  • Improved marketing capabilities
    The system was enriched with advanced functionalities to gather valuable data for enhanced marketing strategies.

Implementing the new customized learning management system helped the organization reach many of the initiative's goals, including the following.

  • Boosted learner engagement:
    By incorporating features such as surveys, assessments, re-certifications, and a student portal, the system engages learners more effectively.
  • Improved learning outcomes:
    The online professional development learning platform has significantly impacted learning outcomes.
  • Increased accessibility:
    The learning platform has provided greater accessibility to content by allowing students to participate from anywhere in the world.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

Infopro Learning worked closely with internal stakeholders to identify the customizations and features that would best meet the needs of both learners and trainers.


Learning Administration

The Infopro Learning team provided the organization's internal teams with training on using and managing the new system from the backend.



The Infopro Learning team provided a customized learning management system tailored to the organization's specific needs.



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