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    Guide to Learning Experience Design (LXD) + 7 LXD Best Practices


Corporate training has a bad rep, and sadly not without reason. How many cluttered overloaded PowerPoint presentations have we asked our learners to sit through? How many hour long monotone webinars can they endure before the entire thought of corporate training makes them groan?

We believe Experience Design in learning is an obvious truth that is going unaddressed – a problem that no one is discussing in learning environments, where learners need it more than ever.

And so we wrote this guide to bring attention to the importance of creating learning experiences, not just learning programs, and share our experience in learning experience design.

In this Guide you will Learn:

  • The foundation for creating engaging learning experiences
  • A learning hierarchy of needs model to conceptualize LXD
  • 7 industry leading LXD best practices
  • Encouraging quotes from the world’s brightest on design

Stop creating learning programs, and focus on your learner’s experience to create truly impactful learning experiences. Download the free LXD guide using the form to the right.


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