This prestigious financial services corporation operates in 27 states and has over 2,000 branches across the US. After identifying a critical need to improve the leadership skills of their new managers, they partnered with Infopro Learning to develop 4 half-day virtual leadership workshops to equip their new managers with skills for success.

Award-winning Leadership Development Program


After conducting their semi-annual employee net promoter survey, this organization found a growing need to teach their newly hired managers their leadership standards. They partnered with Infopro Learning to create a virtual workshop that would focus on the following key topics:

  • Familiarize new managers with the organization’s leadership standards
  • Promote networking among peer groups
  • Provide mentorship and support for first-time leaders
Set Goals

Infopro Learning worked with this industry-leading finance corporation to develop 4 half-day virtual workshops that focused on closing skills gaps in 8 key areas.

  • Encouraging Participation
    The program was formatted as four separate half-day virtual workshops spread over four months. This scheduling flexibility allowed newly appointed managers to join the program anytime during the year.
  • Increasing Learner Engagement
    The program begins with a personal message from senior executives to activate engagement. The workshop is then facilitated and includes group activities, discussions, and polls.
  • Improving Knowledge Retention
    After the initial workshop, participants are encouraged to use the resources hub website and manager guide to learn and practice their new skills further.

The virtual leadership workshops were a success. The program was well received by all participants and led to a significant improvement in both the manager's skills and confidence levels.

  • Increased confidence levels:
    75% of participants shared that the workshop boosted their confidence in their leadership capabilities.
  • Real-time application:
    100% of participants stated they could implement the workshop's lessons immediately.
  • Positively received:
    97% of participants deemed the program a valuable use of their time.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

Infopro Learning worked closely with this financial leader's internal experts to develop a learning strategy that engages learners across the globe.


Learning Content

Working closely with this organization, Infopro Learning created lessons, activities, and support materials for eight leadership concepts.



The Infopro Learning team created a versatile virtual workshop with a digital resources hub to help learners continue to grow their leadership skills.



2023 Gold Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Best Advance in Leadership Development

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