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Product Training for a Distributed Sales Force

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How to Impact the Bottom Line Through Product Knowledge Training

Product Training for a Distributed Sales Force
This leading global media organization and Fortune 500 company has more than 31,000 employees across the world, many of which are remote workers working from home offices. In the last 10 years, this company has been transitioning from a traditional print publication to an omnichannel digital media enterprise. After discovering a widening performance gap across the sales team, the company partnered with Infopro Learning to address the rapidly-evolving business challenges. By designing and delivering a product knowledge training program, the client organization was able to bring their workforce up to speed on the future of the company’s services and also directly impact the sales force’s performance.

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  • How a leading global media company increased sales by 7% through product training
  • Why product knowledge is a high-impact sales training tool
  • Key strategies to tie learning programs to bottom line business performance

“We decided to work with InfoPro because they had the most comprehensive solution. Not everyone in our team learns the same way and InfoPro’s solution was a great match for that diversity. Also, we really liked having 3 months of scheduled consultations with InfoPro after we launched the course. Although we only made small changes, it seemed to make a big difference for our sales team.” – Customer Testimonial

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