Infopro Learning, a premier provider of corporate learning and human capital transformation, specializes in crafting tailored learning solutions to enhance employee and customer experiences. With a target to onboard 100 new employees, the Talent Development team faced the challenge of designing an onboarding program to accelerate job readiness. To meet this objective, they decided to revamp their existing onboarding program.

Award-winning Talent Program


Infopro Learning needed an internal team to offer a wider variety of L&D programs throughout the year, complementing existing ones targeting immediate training needs.

The new talent development team aimed to tackle three main challenges:

  • Enhancing employee engagement and motivation by addressing limited interactivity in current training programs.
  • Achieving comprehensive skill development by expanding the scope and depth of covered topics.
  • Providing equal learning opportunities for all employees by addressing issues of limited accessibility and flexibility, irrespective of schedules or location constraints.
Set Goals

Infopro Learning formed an internal talent development team to improve and scale its L&D programs, enhancing employee experiences and performance.

  • Building an Internal Talent Development Team
    The talent development team was created to identify the learning needs of employees, design appropriate learning solutions, and establish timelines and budgets.
  • Scaling L&D Programs
    The talent development team improved and expanded the existing L&D programs. They also introduced new programs to address gaps and created a comprehensive year-round calendar of offerings.
  • Measuring Effectiveness
    The talent development team collects and analyzes data from the performance management system and uses the information to improve the L&D strategy and programs.

The new talent development team improved several programs offering numerous measurable benefits to both individuals and the organization, including:

  • 3x Boost in Performance:
    After the talent development team launched new L&D programs there was a notable improvement in employee performance.
  • 4.8./5 engagement scores:
    Internal surveys found that employee engagement in learning programs had increased.
  • 20% increase in employee retention:
    the additional learning opportunities helped employees feel more valued, leading to lower turnover rates.

How We Helped


Learning Talent

Infopro Learning developed a new team to enhance and expand the organization's internal L&D offerings.


Learning Strategy

The talent development team analyzed the existing L&D programs to develop a strategy to improve and expand learning programs.



The talent development team created a variety of training programs, from virtual instructor-led sessions to eLearning modules offered on the organization's learning management system.


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