This fast-growing multinational tech company specializes in providing consumers with personal electronics and software. After launching a new series of products, they surveyed to measure the performance of their tech support team. The findings revealed a specific area for enhancement—employee skills in guiding customers through laptop troubleshooting. In response, the company collaborated with Infopro Learning to develop on-demand e-learning modules to improve the team's skills and ensure excellent customer support.

Award-winning Customer Service Program


After conducting an internal survey, this growing technology provider realized that their tech support teams needed to improve their troubleshooting skills for one of their popular products.

They worked with Infopro Learning to develop e-learning modules to address several key challenges.

  • Equip the tech support team with the troubleshooting skills they need to assist customers
  • Familiarize the teams with common customer questions and issues they run into
  • Decrease the number of returns of the laptops
Set Goals

Infopro Learning worked closely with this tech company to develop training modules to help the tech support team learn new troubleshooting skills.

  • Activating Learner Engagement
    Infopro Learning wove visual elements and animations throughout the training modules to maximize learner engagement.
  • Boosting Knowledge Retention
    Infopro Learning divided the learning content into two short, bite-sized modules to improve knowledge retention.
  • Reinforcing Core Concepts
    Each module included a skills assessment at the end of each module to reinforce each concept.

After the program launch, there was a notable increase in customer satisfaction scores and a decrease in returned laptops.

  • 92% customer satisfaction score:
    Within 90 days after the program launched, there was a significant boost in customer satisfaction rates.
  • 10% decrease in number of returns:
    The improved troubleshooting skills led to a reduction in returned products.
  • 20% Boosted learner confidence:
    An internal survey found that participants felt more confident after training took place.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

Infopro Learning researched the core knowledge gaps and developed a comprehensive learning strategy to address each of them.


Learning Content

Infopro Learning worked closely with the organization's internal teams to create visual elements and animations to increase learner engagement.



Infopro Learning crafted two learning modules with animations that were hosted on the growing tech companies' learning management system.



2023 Bronze Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Best Results of a Learning Program

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