This multinational corporation has been a leading provider of health and dental products for decades. They had recently discovered that there was an emergent need for additional educational resources among dental students around the world. With this new knowledge the organization partnered with Infopro Learning to construct a comprehensive educational program to equip these students with skills for their future success.

Award-winning Onboarding Program


This renowned organization recognized the need to develop an app that would cater to the needs of dental students worldwide and help them achieve specific goals including:

  • Increasing brand awareness and establishing themselves as a trusted dental partner.
  • Fostering the professional growth of dental students
  • Captivate learners with engaging content
  • Enhance learning accessibility through a user-friendly platform
Set Goals

Infopro Learning collaborated with the organization to create a free app that gave learners access to educational resources they could use at any time or place.

  • Promoting Engagement
    To maximize learner engagement each lesson was developed using a variety of multimedia formats including videos, game-based quizzes, and infographics
  • Increasing Knowledge Retention
    A microlearning strategy was used to provide the learning content in a way that made complex topics easier for learners to understand and remember.
  • Addressing Accessibility
    To maximize reach the program was created in an app format so that learners could access the program at any place or time.

The launch of the student learning program was a success. The global pilot of the free student app was well received by participating students, and the program achieved the following results:

  • High Student Approval Ratings:
    The brand earned a 4.5/5 approval rating from program participants.
  • Continued learner engagement:
    63% of students shared that they plan to continue using the app after graduation.
  • Growing usage of the program:
    69% of students would recommend the app to their friends.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

Infopro Learning worked with the organization to create a learning strategy that directly reduced barriers to access, increased learner engagement, and improved knowledge retention.


Learning Content

The Infopro Learning team used a variety of multimedia formats to develop learning content that would engage learners.


Learning Technology

The program was designed in an app format to maximize the program's reach and to improve accessibility for learners around the globe.


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