With over 32,000 employees in its workforce spread across Northern Europe, this finance leader needed to ensure that all its employees understood the organization's code of conduct. To tackle this challenge, they partnered with Infopro Learning to create a digital compliance program.

Award-winning Compliance Program


This finance leader upholds a standard of behavior and guidelines they want employees to adhere to. They sought a compliance training program to ensure widespread familiarity with the company's code of conduct.

The digital compliance training program was strategically designed to tackle several key challenges:

  • Ensure uniform comprehension of the code of conduct among employees in all geographic locations.
  • Instruct employees on the practical application of acquired skills within their work responsibilities.
  • Establish a clear understanding among all employees regarding the appropriate course of action in the event of a breach of conduct.
Set Goals

Infopro Learning worked closely with this financial leader to develop a short digital compliance training series. The program included scenario-based games to engage learners and improve knowledge retention.

  • Activating Learner Engagement
    Infopro Learning created gamified activities and animations to engage learners.
  • Boosting Knowledge Retention
    Infopro Learning divided the learning content into a series of bite-sized modules. Breaking up the topics into small, easy-to-remember bites of information helped improve knowledge retention.
  • Reinforcing Core Concepts
    To reinforce core concepts, The Infopro Learning team designed interactive scenario-based activities to allow learners to practice new skills.

Learner feedback showed that they felt the program was both valuable and applicable to their jobs.

  • 64 NPS score:
    An internal survey found that participants found the program valuable.
  • 139% positive impact score:
    The survey results also found that participants felt the course directly applied to their roles.
  • 32,000+ participants:
    The compliance training program is used widely across the organization.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

Infopro Learning used a micro-learning strategy to divide content into short bite-sized segments to engage learners and improve knowledge retention.


Learning Content

Infopro Learning worked closely with the organization's internal teams to create infographics and animations to bring the content to life.



The Infopro Learning team developed and gamified content and created interactive activities to drive engagement.


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