The nuclear power industry is facing a shortage of scientists and engineers due to an aging workforce and a lack of political support. To address this, industry leaders collaborated on the Advanced Engineering Training (AET) initiative. To ensure a sustainable future for the industry, they partnered with Infopro Learning to develop a comprehensive digital training program to close the skills gap.

Award-winning Upskilling Program


The initiative was searching for a solution that would enable them to upskill the nuclear plant managers and engineers to higher-level positions. Infopro Learning developed over 100 hours of training content to achieve the following objectives:

  • Deliver training to thousands of employees in nuclear plants across the U.S.
  • Ensure all training materials and processes meet industry standards.
  • Develop content pertaining to 28 different highly complex topics.
Set Goals

Infopro Learning worked closely with the subject matter experts to create 28 different digital courses.

  • Activating Learner Engagement
    Infopro Learning created interactive content, animations, and infographics to boost learner engagement.
  • Driving Knowledge Retention
    The Infopro Learning team broke down the complex topics into short, easy-to-understand chunks of content to promote knowledge retention.
  • Reinforcing Core Concepts
    The Infopro Learning team placed interactive elements and assessments throughout the program to reinforce core concepts.

The digital learning experiences exceeded expectations, leading to hundreds of employees earning certifications.

  • Above projected ROI: The program's total cost was less than $10k per nuclear power plant.
  • Positively received: Engineers, staff, and managers have all provided positive feedback regarding the program's effectiveness.
  • 750+ engineers have been certified: Thousands of employees have completed the program, and hundreds of engineers have earned certifications.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

The Infopro Learning team developed a comprehensive learning strategy to deliver highly complex topics into short bursts of learning to drive engagement.


Learning Content

Infopro Learning worked closely with subject matter experts to create accurate interactive content with visuals and assessments that met industry standards.



Infopro Learning created digital learning experiences that could be hosted on the INPO learning management system, making it possible for anyone with internet access to utilize them.


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