This prestigious non-profit organization is dedicated to enhancing heart health. For more than 70 years they have helped thousands of healthcare professionals stay up to date on the latest practices and protocol setting global standards in cardiovascular care. After the diagnostic and treatment guidelines for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy had been updated they set out to train their members on the new guidelines to improve patient care outcomes.

Award-winning Experiential Learning Program


Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, also known as HCM, is one of the most common genetic cardiovascular diseases, and it is often misdiagnosed, leading to delays in patient care. This non-profit organization recently partnered with a biological research company to update the diagnosis and treatment guidelines. The updated procedures aim to eliminate these barriers and streamline the diagnostic journey for patients, ensuring timely and accurate diagnosis.

They needed an updated training program that would help them address the challenges they were facing including:

  • Slow adoption of new clinical practice guidelines
  • Lack of knowledge about HCM disease pathology
  • Lack of knowledge around the latest science and guidance
Set Goals

This leader in cardiovascular care collaborated with Infopro Learning to develop a self-paced experiential learning program to teach clinicians and care teams the updated HCM guidelines.

  • Activating Learner Engagement
    Working with the organization's team of experts Infopro learning created an engaging introductory explainer video to activate learner engagment.
  • Empowered Self Directed Learning
    To address the time constraints clinicians often face, the content was broken down into nine short self-paced lessons so they could more easily fit learning into their busy schedules.
  • Increasing Learner Retention
    To increase knowledge retention each lesson offered clinicians opportunities to learn and practice key concepts relevant to HCM.

The self-paced HCM program exemplifies how innovative solutions can effectively link guideline updates with clinical practice. Its unique approach was designed to provide a comprehensive education that accommodates all learning styles and increases learner engagement. The result was the increased adoption of the new HCM guidelines, significantly improving patient outcomes.

  • Accelerated Guideline Adoption
    More than 2,316 healthcare professionals have completed the online program leading to a significant increase in the adoption of new HCM guidelines, indicating a positive shift in clinical practices.
  • Enhanced Clinician Competency
    Reduced the learning curve for healthcare providers by implementing a competency-focused program, resulting in a 37% increase in their diagnostic and treatment capabilities.
  • Increased Confidence Levels
    After completing the program learners showed a 45% increase in their confidence in their ability to accurately diagnose and treat HCM patients.

Navigating New Horizons
ACC’s Bold Leap into Mobile-First
Education with Infopro Learning

Chris Keenan

Learning Architect
at the American College
of Cardiology(ACC)

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

Infopro Learning collaborated with clinical experts to create a comprehensive learning strategy to expedite the adoption of the new guidelines.


Learning Content

Infopro Learning created customized content to engage learners across various proficiency levels. Each concept was broken down into individual modules to prevent information overload.



The Infopro Learning team created a versatile digital program that was accessible through an online learning portal and a learning app.


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