• Case Study

    Employee Onboarding Training Program For A Leading Dental Care Provider

    Delivered learning in multiple formats for a better new hire experience


The Company

The client is the fastest-growing dental care provider in the United States. They were founded on the principle that proper dental treatment is critical to overall health. The client wants everyone to access high-quality, low-cost dental care and bring this change by offering flexible, affordable, convenient, and bilingual dental care.

In contrast to many other clinical services, their purpose is to think and talk in a language patients’ can comprehend. The client’s affordable pricing, virtual appointments, flexible hours, complimentary second opinion, and a variety of orthodontic treatments are a few benefits they provide that make them different from other oral treatment providers.

Business Challenges

Every office the client opened had newly hired resources who started working before the office opening. Each new office had seven mandatory staff roles that required onboarding and training. The client provided the training ‘over the shoulder’ while resources were on the job.

However, with plans to grow the business and open new offices in multiple states, the client recognized the need for a more formal onboarding and new-hire training program. The client’s current onboarding and training program had the following challenges:

  • Inefficient in developing the confidence and competence of new hires.
  • Consumed a considerable quantity of management’s time.
  • Disseminated an excessive volume of information too rapidly.
  • Unrealistic and unclear expectations.
  • Inability to access appropriate onboarding content.

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