A global leader in the extraction and processing of minerals, oil, and gas sought to develop an orientation program for a new mining site. The company recognized the importance of familiarizing workers with the site's operations, culture, values, safety protocols, and emergency procedures to ensure a smooth onboarding process and a safe working environment. To achieve this goal, the company partnered with Infopro Learning to create a concise and practical orientation program to help new workers quickly acclimate to their roles and responsibilities at the mining site.

Award-winning Digital Orientation Program


The company faced a challenge with low engagement and participation during instructor-led orientation sessions for new employees at its mining site. The absence of pre-orientation materials left new employees feeling lost and unprepared. To address these issues, the company aimed to develop a self-paced eLearning program that new employees could complete before arriving on-site. The program needed to achieve the following goals:

  • Introduce new employees to the fundamentals of site operations, culture, values, safety protocols, and emergency procedures.
  • Improve overall safety and productivity by ensuring new workers have a strong foundation of knowledge before arriving on site.
  • Enhance engagement and participation during instructor-led orientation sessions by better-preparing employees.
Set Goals

Infopro Learning developed interactive learning modules to help learners develop the skills they needed to be successful at the new mining site.

  • Activate Learner Engagement
    The program incorporated interactive elements, real-life examples, engaging visuals, and audio voiceovers to boost learner engagement.
  • Improve Knowledge Retention
    The learning content was divided into an easy-to-follow structure using headings, subheadings, and audio narration.
  • Provide Context
    Interactive activities were placed throughout the program to show learners how the skills they were learning apply to their work at the mining site.

The new digital orientation program proved to be a resounding success. It effectively addressed the company's challenges and achieved the desired outcomes.

  • Enhance site knowledge, PPE:
    New arrivals gained a comprehensive understanding of the mining site's layout, operations, and the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Instill safety guidelines and precautions:
    The program instilled a strong sense of safety awareness among learners, emphasizing the importance of adhering to policies and precautions.
  • Improve on-the-job training opportunities:
    The program enhanced the effectiveness of on-the-job training by providing employees with a solid foundation of knowledge before arriving on-site.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

Infopro Learning's strategy maximized learner engagement by using engaging multimedia elements and activities.


Learning Content

In collaboration with the company, Infopro Learning developed a digital orientation program covering site operations, culture, safety, and emergency procedures.



The Infopro Learning team designed the program for seamless delivery on the company's learning management system, ensuring easy access for new arrivals.


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