With a global presence spanning over a century, this multinational corporation delivers consumer products and services worldwide. They had recently set out to fast-track the expansion of their finance department. They quickly realized they would need an onboarding program to equip the new employees with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the organization's goals.

Award-winning Onboarding Program


The finance department had been working remotely and was looking for a way to train their expanding global workforce quickly and efficiently. They needed an online employee onboarding program that would help them achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce turnover by helping new hires establish connections with peers and the organization.
  • Enhance productivity by helping new hires develop a deep understanding of their roles.
  • Foster a positive workplace culture within the team to enhance collaboration and efficiency.
  • Create standardized processes to reduce confusion and errors.
Set Goals

Infopro Learning developed a digital onboarding program designed to help the new hires learn the essential job skills they need for success.

  • Cultivating Learner Engagement¬†
    The Infopro team developed an interactive design with guided navigation to promote active participation.
  • Increasing Knowledge Retention
    The content structure was broken down into bite sized modules to help learners with comprehension and knowledge retention.
  • Reinforcing Core Concepts¬†
    Scenario based learning opportunities and downloadable resources were provided to reinforce the programs concepts and strengthen practical application of knowledge.

The new onboarding program helped this industry leader effectively train new employees on a condensed timeline, aiding them in successfully expanding their finance department. With the new digital training modules, they were able to reduce turnover and increase overall team productivity.

  • Improved Compliance Rates:
    The strategically designed onboarding program played a pivotal role in enhancing compliance rates among new hires leading to a 25% decrease in errors.
  • 30% Increase in Employee Productivity:
    The streamlined onboarding process contributed to a swift integration of new hires, allowing them to become productive team members more quickly.
  • Higher Rates of Employee Satisfaction:
    Upon onboarding completion, the new hires shared that they felt supported, valued, and had a clear understanding of their role.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

Infopro Learning collaborated closely with the organization's internal teams to create a learning strategy tailored to equip new employees with the essential skills required for their roles.


Learning Content

The Infopro Learning team developed four learning modules, breaking content into bite-sized pieces to prevent information overload.



Infopro Learning optimized the content delivery plan and used a geographic interface to facilitate user friendly navigation.


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