A renowned global life sciences company specializing in integrated systems for analyzing genetic variations, it serves a diverse customer base spanning academia, government, and pharmaceuticals. The company recently implemented a comprehensive six-pillar marketing framework to ensure consistency and alignment among its growing marketing teams across various locations. As the business experienced substantial growth and expanded its marketing department, it became evident that a solution was needed to train new marketing employees on the newly established framework effectively. To address this challenge, the company collaborated with Infopro Learning to develop a self-paced digital learning program focused on the six pillars.

Award-winning Digital Learning Program


The organization faced challenges in providing consistent and aligned training to their growing marketing teams across various locations. The learning program needed to address:

  • Marketers' busy schedules and need for self-paced learning
  • Breaking down complex content into easily digestible nuggets
  • Provide quick reference materials for on-the-job support
Set Goals
  • Activate Learner Engagement
    The program incorporated interactive elements, real-life examples, engaging visuals and a video to capture learners' attention and motivate them throughout the self-paced learning journey.
  • Improve Knowledge Retention
    The learning content was broken down into easily digestible nuggets, allowing marketers to focus on critical concepts and apply them to their work, improving knowledge retention.
  • Provide Ongoing Support
    The program was designed to serve as a quick reference tool, enabling marketers to access specific content whenever needed and providing ongoing support as they executed the six-pillar marketing framework.

The self-paced digital learning program focused on the six pillars of the marketing framework proved to be an overwhelming success for the global life sciences company.

  • 96% of participants earned a certificate, indicating high engagement and completion among the marketing team members.
  • The company observed a remarkable 40% increase in skill application, as employees could quickly apply the knowledge from the digital learning program to their daily work.
  • 39% of participants referenced the course materials multiple times, showcasing the value and relevance of the content in their ongoing marketing efforts.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

Infopro Learning developed a strategy to maximize learner engagement and fit into the marketer's busy schedules.


Learning Content

Working alongside the organization's internal teams, Infopro Learning developed a self-paced digital program focusing on the six pillars.



The Infopro Learning team developed the program to be delivered on the organization's learning management system.



2023 Gold Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Best Association Professional Development Program

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