• Case Study

    Change Management Program for a Leading Wireless Network Operator

    Developed a blended learning solution for sales & to support skill development


The Company

The client is a wireless network operator in the United States, providing an advanced 4G LTE network and transformative 5G network that will make high-quality Internet access available to everyone. It is a nationwide supplier of wireless voice, messaging, and data services, able to connect more than 293 million Americans at their homes, workplaces, and communities.

Business Challenges

The client was in the process of revamping its brand to meet the current customer needs. They hoped the disruptive role would permeate the organization’s fundamental fabric, marking a significant cultural shift. And in this process of transformation, they desired to shield themselves against the following challenges:

  • Lack of effective communication, leading to misalignment
  • Change-resistant organizational culture and attitude
  • Lack of executive support and active sponsorship
  • Insufficient resourcing and change management buy-in
  • Failure to keep all stakeholders informed and involved in follow-ups
  • Incorrect planning
  • Evaluating change management efforts

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