• Case Study

    Building Resilient Leaders for Major Retailers

    Partnering with a premier non-profit agency, Infopro Learning built a transformative leadership program that increased completion, retention, and promotion of retail leaders to above 90%.


The Company

While this project was a joint-partnership for some of the largest retailers in the United States, this non-profit organization is focused on improving the lives of all economically challenged youth by equipping them with skills to improve their employability and promotability. The non-profit organization is a subsidiary of a premier consulting organization located in every major country.

Business Challenges

The existing leadership program had seen tremendous results in the past for leaders who completed the program. However, it faced significant dropout rates, had a high cost-per-learner, and was not easy to scale. Infopro Learning worked with the non-profit to create a program that:

  • Focused on a learner-centric approach to decrease drop-out rates
  • Improved scale of the program to operate 100% remotely from a mobile device
  • Increase retention and promotion rates of leaders who completed the program to over 90%.


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