The world of learning and development has significantly changed over the last year. Businesses have made drastic changes to meet the needs of both customers and employees. As we move forward, organizations are planning for the future by developing new post Covid19 L&D strategies.

The pandemic has brought light to the power of business agility. The need for employee reskilling has also grown. Organizations who successfully adapted to the current disruptive business environment leveraged learning solutions that strategically support business processes and goals.

For many large enterprise organizations, training outsourcing has become a critical part of their success. The right outsourced provider can help your organization deliver highly effective employee training programs quickly, maximizing training ROI and business agility. There are many learning vendors and solutions to choose from, but one area tends to be overlooked.

Outsourcing with a provider that offers to learn administrative services can help your organization streamline many day-to-day L&D tasks. Lightening the load of your internal L&D teams can help your organization focus on its core objectives.

Learning Administration Providers: What Do They Offer?

A considerable amount of time goes into day-to-day tasks that keep L&D running smoothly. Administrative providers offer several learning-focused services to help your L&D departments and programs run efficiently. There are six key areas most administrative service providers offer.

1 Coordination: An outsourced provider will be able to assist you with all L&D activities regarding scheduling and coordination as well as outreach activities.

2 Logistics: An outsourced administrator can also assist you with tasks related to logistics, including technical support and making travel accommodations.

3 Tracking and Reporting: Your outsourced partner will also an expert in the latest L&D technology and trends. They can assist you with tracking and reporting valuable insights regarding your training programs, such as participation and engagement levels.

4 Budgeting: Many outsourced L&D providers can assist your organization with maintaining and tracking your L&D budget.

5 LMS Administration: An outsource provider will also help you maintain and manage your learning management system.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing with an Administrative Provider?

There are two significant benefits that modern organizations can gain from outsourcing with an administrative learning provider. Outsourcing can help your organization reduce the workload of your internal teams. The roles of HR professionals have expanded recently. They now serve an advisory role in helping business leaders develop learning programs that support more significant business goals. Outsourcing administrative tasks can help your internal teams focus on strategy development and innovation.

Outsourcing can also be a cost-effective solution that improves operational efficiency. It is common for an organization’s L&D needs to fluctuate and change frequently. Outsourcing administrative tasks ensure that the day-to-day functions are taken care of without altering your internal teams’ size. Outsourced professionals will know the latest trends. They know how to operate the most up-to-date learning technology streamlining L&D processes and often reducing cost.

Managed Learning and Learning Administration

If you are considering outsourcing your administrative learning needs, you may want to partner with a managed services provider. Managed learning services providers offer a full range of end-to-end L&D services, including learning administration.

This is advantageous for organizations that consider outsourcing different L&D projects. Collaborating with a managed services provider can help your organization scale at a moment’s notice. They can also ensure that all projects are properly aligned with your strategy maximizing effectiveness.


L&D has become a high priority for many organizations. Business-aligned learning programs can help enterprise organizations unlock the potential of their talent, driving innovation and productivity. Last year’s events have also changed many job functions and roles, causing the need for reskilling to grow. Delivering high-quality L&D programs can help organizations better adapt to change, and outsourcing can be an effective solution. Outsourcing your organizational learning needs is one of the best ways your organization can streamline day-to-day L&D tasks and focus on the big picture.

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