Streamlining L&D processes and increasing operational efficiency are a big priority for many business leaders today. Covid19 shook up the business world last year. Many organizations had to shift business models. They have changed everything from how they handle customer interactions and safety protocols to how their employees work.

The workload of L&D professionals in every industry has also vastly expanded. Business leaders and HR teams are working together to develop new learning strategies. They are tackling the new challenges created by the disruptive marketplace. They are working on closing skills gaps and finding ways to drive innovation.

Outsourcing the administrative tasks associated with your learning and development initiatives is an easy way to lighten the workload of your already busy in house teams. In this blog post we will share with you what tasks a learning administrator can assist your business with and the business benefits of outsourcing.

What are Learning Administrative Services?

There are five different areas a learning administrative services company can assist you with.

  • Scheduling
    A huge chunk of time goes into the coordination and scheduling of different L&D activities. A learning administrator can help you with scheduling tasks such setting up time with an instructor, setting meeting times and making reservations. They can also help with coordinating virtual training sessions and with outreach tasks like sending training invites to potential participants.
  • Logistics
    An administrator can focus on working out the finer details while you handle the bigger picture items. Whether you need to secure content or make travel accommodations an administrator can help. They are also experts at providing technical support when needed.
  • Tracking and Reporting
    Tracking and reporting are critical to maintaining and optimizing your online training programs. These are the tasks that give you key insights into the effectiveness of your course and participant progress. They play an important role, but it does take a considerable amount of time to set them up and manage them. Learning administrators can assist you with these tasks saving you time.
  • Budgeting
    Maintaining your and tracking your budget is another important task that can take time away from your core business goals. A Learning administrators can also assist your organization with your L&D budgets. Some of the tasks they can help with include record keeping and expenditure reports.
  • LMS Administration
    Learning management systems have been growing in popularity for quite some time. Recent events and the growth in remote teams has increased this popularity even more. LMS platforms make managing online learning experiences and tracking participants progress in in online courses much easier. Some LMS software even has learning tools that can be used to create courses.

However, learning how to operate, manage and maintain these learning platforms can be time consuming and expensive. Working with an LMS administrator can reduce costs and make this process much simpler. They can assist you with onboarding, reporting, user management and course management.

What are the Benefits?

Outsourcing your administrative tasks has two major benefits that give your organization a competitive advantage. When you outsource these activities you streamline the administrative process allowing your company to focus on its core objectives.

An administrator will also help you increase operation efficiency by saving you both time and money. Training an in house team to manage and maintain your LMS is expensive an takes a considerable amount of time. Outsourcing will give you access to experts in learning administration without the wait or the extra expense of training.

Final Word

Implementing and maintaining high quality employee training programs is critical for successful businesses today. Industry leaders understand that streamlining L&D processes and tasks is a quick and easy way to improve operational efficiency. Outsourcing administrative tasks will help your organization focus on developing winning strategies and core business goals.

Learn more about managing and measuring the effectiveness of your L&D initiatives and watch the webinar replay of Measuring Your The ROI of Training Programs.

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