Today many organizations have found that a one size fits all approach to learning and development is no longer a truly effective strategy. Current trends and events have made custom eLearning solutions an increasingly popular option. Custom eLearning helps employers remove barriers to training and development while providing a more personalized learning experience.

In this article we will share with you 5 ways you can improve the quality and effectiveness of your custom eLearning programs.

1. Utilizing an Outcomes Based Approach to Design and Develop Learning Solutions

One simple way you can ensure that a custom eLearning solution delivers the right results is by designing the program around the desired outcome. Most learning programs are based off the Kirkpatrick model that consists of four levels. The first is the participants reaction, followed by learning and then the model ends with the results. When instructional designers flip this model and create learning solutions centered around the desired results then strategically aligned with the organizations goals maximizing the impact of the program.

2. Creating Personalized Learning Experiences

One of the toughest challenges organizations face when it comes to learning and development is finding a way to engage employees with varying learning needs. Large organizations often need to train employees who have different levels of experience, who live in different locations and who may prefer different training styles. In these cases custom eLearning is the perfect solution. Custom eLearning courses can be personalized to better meet individua learner needs. Developing different personalized learning paths for employees in different roles or who have different experience levels can improve the quality and relevance of your training programs.

3. Selecting the Right Tools

When it comes to developing custom content and effective delivery selecting the right tools can make all the difference. Many learning management systems offer advanced authoring tools and features such as advanced analytics that you may want to consider. These kinds of tools can be helpful during the custom eLearning development process. They can also help you track participant progress and optimize your eLearning program for higher rates of learner engagement.

4. Apply Blended Learning as a Strategy

Integrating a blend of different training methods into your learning content is one of the best ways you can create engagement. Using a blend of videos, visuals, assessments and interactive components such as scenario-based learning can help you build context around each topic. High quality visual elements give your content a modern look and feel. Interactive elements keep learners actively participating. Scenario-based learning is a great tool to further show the relevance of a topic and gives learners an opportunity to practice what they are learning.

5. Use Data to Optimize Your Training Programs

As mentioned before data analytics can help you optimize your eLearning training programs. These programs can track and report learner patterns you can use to identify opportunities for improvement. For example, you may find that learning modules in a particular format are delivering better results than others. This information can be used to then make changes to the modules with low levels of engagement and completion This data can also help your HR team identify learners who are struggling and may need additional assistance.


If you are looking for a modern training solution that will help you remove barriers to learning and increase engagement custom eLearning might be what you are looking for. Custom eLearning can help your organization create more accessible and personalized learning experiences to your workforce.

Using these five steps can help you maximize the impact of your custom eLearning programs even further. Building your custom eLearning content to close the knowledge gaps needed to reach your larger business goals is an effective way you can set your organization up for success. Utilizing the right tools and blend of engaging training methods can also help you level up your training content. using learner data to create personalized learning paths for different roles and learner personas can increase the quality of your training programs even further.

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