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Future Learning Landscape Predictions

This past year organizations have been focusing on converting existing learning programs into formats better suited for employees who are now working remotely. However, this upcoming year you can expect business leaders to shift their focus towards these 3 critical objectives.

  • Developing a long term learning strategy

Many organizations had traditional employee development methods such as instructor led training in place at the start of this year. These programs were converted into different online training formats, but at the time these were considered to be temporary solutions.

Now organizations are looking for long term learning and development solutions. These strategies will need to be aligned with the organizations new business goals and with the changing learner needs. Many organizations have changed their business models and much of the current workforce needs reskilling to keep up with recent changes.

  • Increased demand of eLearning solutions

Online training programs have been steadily growing in popularity for years. The pandemic greatly accelerated this trend even further. With much of the workforce operating remotely online learning solutions have taken center stage and will likely to continue to do so this year. Experts expect that 25%-30% of the workforce will continue to work from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021 (1).

Online training delivery will no longer be an optional feature or a temporary solution. Organizations will need to take an online first approach to L&D. This will require learning tech such as learning management systems and professional content development tools.“The shift to virtual learning is representative of the permanent shifts that digital transformation has brought to our world”, explained Eric Rodgers EVP, Infopro Learning. “The early adopters and early majority will enjoy a significant business advantage in efficiency, change transformation, and leveraging technology.”

  • Preparing for future changes

The way we work and interact with each other and with customers is only expected to continue to change. Organizations will need to rethink more than the training delivery methods they use. The most effective training programs will be designed using content structures that can be updated quickly and frequently. Training strategies such as micro-learning are expected to grow in popularity.

Navigating the Future of Work with a Managed Training Services Partner

The impact of Covid19 is expected to continue to change the way we work in 2021.One of the best ways organizations can navigate the continuously changing learning landscape is with an outsourced training provider. A managed learning services partner can help your business deliver high quality employee learning experiences without having to train an in house team or work with multiple learning vendors. A managed learning partner provides many business advantages but there are 3 key advantages that will help your organization better navigate change.

  • Business aligned learning strategies

A managed learning partner will have a team of experts who know the ins and outs of the training world. An experienced learning outsourcing vendor will have a strategic process they use to align your organizations training objectives with your business goals maximizing effectiveness and the ROI of your programs.

  • Professional training and development tools

Delivering training in a quality engaging format that meets the needs of modern learners requires expert level tools and technology. Working with a managed learning services partner will give you access to these tools without the hassle of licensing or expensive costs.

A managed learning service company provides end to end training services including content creation and training delivery. They also often offer management services to help you maintain and management your learning management systems.

  • Expert level industry knowledge

Training and development is changing right along with every other industry that has been impacted by recent events. Keeping up with the trends and industry changes yourself is time consuming and expensive.

Outsourcing with a managed learning partner will give your organization time to focus on your core business objectives. At the same time you will still be able to deliver high quality learning experiences that improve business visibility, innovation and impact.

managed Learning-

In Conclusion

Business leaders have many priorities to juggle as we move forward into 2021. Organizations must find ways to continue to provide high quality learning experiences to their employees along with many other critical goals. Partnering with a managed learning services partner can help your organization create winning training and development programs to your workforce while allowing you to focus on your companies core objectives. Learn more about the changing learning landscape and listen to the podcast Navigating the Navigating the New Normal.

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