The events of 2020 have caused many organizations to quickly shift gears and begin working remotely. This has greatly impacted L&D programs. A recent survey by Gartner found that 84% of in person training functions have been canceled this year. 83% decided to convert to digital formats (1). As time has gone on organizations are looking for long term solutions and outsourcing training. If you have considered outsourcing your training needs a managed learning services partner might give you the advantage you are looking for.

What are Managed Learning Services Vendors? How are they Different?

A managed learning services company specializes in providing end to end L&D services. A managed training services partner will have the resources to assist you with strategy, content development, and training delivery. They can also assist with tasks such as vendor management, measuring training effectiveness and everything in between.

This is different from other outsourced training providers you may encounter that typically only specialize in a few key areas. While working with these types of learning vendors your organization will need to work with multiple partners for different parts of your L&D projects.

Outsourcing with a single managed learning vendor ensures that your L&D initiatives are aligned with each other and your business goals. Utilizing an outcomes-based approach and an aligned strategy is one of the best ways you can maximize training effectiveness.

3 Ways a Managed Learning Partner Can Help You Train Your Remote Workforce

Outsourcing your training needs with a managed training partner has many advantages, but there are a few in particular that are especially helpful for those looking to train their remote workforce.

  • Streamlining the Training Development Process

One of the toughest challenges’ businesses are currently facing is the need to quickly convert their training and development programs to meet the changing needs of their workforce. With record numbers of employees working remotely and the abrupt shift that came almost overnight, organizations need to develop training solutions quickly.

Working with a managed learning company can speed up the entire training and development process in a couple of different ways. A managed services partner will have the resources and expert knowledge needed to quickly convert your current training materials and plan. They can do this much faster than other types of learning partners because your learning and development projects are being handled by a single company.

Managed learning companies also tend to have a larger pool of talent and can dedicate an entire team to handle your learning needs. This speeds up the development process while lightening the load of your L&D staff.

  • Developing a New Learning Strategy

Although, much of the current workforce has switched to working remotely temporarily, many organizations plan to make the shift permanently. 74% of CFO’s who participated in a recent survey, plan to move a portion of their workforce into permanent remote positions in the near future (2).For these companies, a new employee training strategy will be needed to continue the professional development of their remote teams. Past strategies that used methods such as instructor led training will no longer be effective.

A managed learning partner has a team of experts who have years of experience developing high quality training programs. They know the latest training trends and know how to use the latest technology to create high quality learning experiences for your employees whether they work in or out of the office. Unlike other training outsourcing partner’s, they have the resources to handle these projects from start to finish.

  • Access to High Quality Tech

Online learning programs take a considerable amount specialized tools to create, develop and implement in comparison to more traditional training methods. Unfortunately, today’s learning tech and be expensive and it often takes a high level of understanding to operate them.

When you partner with a managed learning company, they will already have the technology, appropriate licensing and will know how to use them. This saves your organization a significant amount of both time and money.

Final Note

If you are looking for a way to streamline your learning projects and provide high quality online learning experiences for your remote teams, outsourcing with a managed learning partner is an effective solution you may want to consider. A managed learning partner can provide a team of training experts and the technology needed to create impactful learning experiences for your employees no matter their location.

Learn more about learning solutions for your remote workforce and watch the webinar replay Navigating Through the Learning Journey with an Online Only Approach.

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