It’s no secret that the novel Coronavirus has impacted businesses across the globe. None of the departments, be it sales, delivery, HR or L&D have been able to make the great escape. While it has forced organizations to look for a more agile method of operations, learning teams have never witnessed such a huge demand for a digital approach for its processes. The economic disruption led to budget constraints which L&D teams had to deal with along with multiple challenges to showcase the ROI of their training programs.

Not only this, lack of experience with remote learning and ill-preparedness of instructors has resulted in never before turmoil for the L&D departments. However, this duration has been effectively utilized by them to determine the relative accomplishments and let-downs of virtual learning experiments, focusing on honing employees’ skills and competencies.

Below highlighted are some facts and best practices that can help L&D departments to successfully navigate through the post-pandemic response.

Impact of COVID-19 on L&D

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