There has been an increased focused on many different kinds of corporate training programs this year. With all of the changes to business recent events have brought about corporate compliance training is becoming increasingly important. Compliance training is essential for just about every industry in one way or another whether its to improve workplace safety and health, inform employees of new safety programs or policies. It can also be used to reduce the number of injuries and illnesses that take place.

Whichever topic your compliance training programs cover there is no denying that this form of training is an essential part of creating and promoting a safe working environment for your employees.

Infopro Learning has more than 25 years of experience in creating learning solutions that help industry leaders increase workplace safety. We recently helped a major automobile manufacturing company create a workplace violence prevention program to spread awareness of the companies policies and procedures. The programs goal was to not only inform employees but to also reduce the risk of potential safety issues.

To help give you a better idea of how a learning solution like this one works we have shared some of the program highlights and benefits in this article.

Solution Highlights

This organization has a reputation for putting safety first. Unfortunately, they had discovered that many of their worksites were in locations that had high rates of crime. They realized that to improve workplace safety that they would need a workplace violence prevention program to ensure that their employees would know what to do in an adverse situation.

Infopro Learning designed a 2 part program to help this organization train and inform its employees on their safety policies and best practices. The first component was an awareness campaign to let employees know that the training would soon be available and to build excitement around the new opportunity. The second portion of the program was a series of short engaging learning modules that were designed to help employees learn about workplace safety.

Part 1 Awareness Campaign

The awareness campaign consisted of several different pieces including informational visuals a video as well as email announcements. This campaign helped get the word out about the training program and gave the employees a chance to sign up and participate.

Each piece of content that was shared with the employees explained what the program was about and let them know what participants could expect to learn from the experience.

Part 2 Learning Modules

The workplace violence prevention program consisted of a series of short engaging learning modules. Each topic consisted of a few modules that followed a simple 3 part structure that was easy to follow. They each began with a simple introduction module that would explain what this series was going to cover and what they could expect to learn. The second module covered each concept more in depth and included learning check points to improve knowledge retention and to increase engagement. The third portion would summarize the topics that were covered and tied the concepts together.

These modules used life-like scenarios to make the learning content more relatable and relevant to the learners. Appealing visuals brought the scenarios to life. The program was also designed to be interactive. Learners would not passively learn, but use their critical thinking skills to apply what they were in the process of learning. The organizations brand colors and theme were also integrated into the program creating a more polished cohesive look to the design.

Program Outcomes

The results of the program had greatly exceeded expectations. The program was offered to over 1,000 employees to start and the company received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. The workplace prevention program was well received by participants. After taking the course many had shared that they found the information to be useful and relevant to workplace safety

The organization decided to integrate the program into their annual compliance certification process. They also made the training available to another 700 employees throughout the company. To learn about the details of similar compliance solutions, click here to know more.

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