More and more, businesses are turning to managed learning services as a solution for scaling-up learning and development activities and efficiently manage training budgets. As a result, market analysts anticipate steady growth of managed learning services in the years to come, across different industries and regions of the world As a L&D strategy, adoption of managed learning services continues to grow exponentially in several industries in particular. including BFSI, IT & telecom, retail and FMCG. As analysts continue to monitor L&D trends, the future of  Managed Learning Service looks promising , especially  for organizations that are now rethinking their L&D strategies post COVID-19 pandemic.

Moving Forward Into the Future

The world came to a halt at the beginning of 2020 due to COVID-19. Although it disrupted many industries, forward-thinking and agile businesses were quick to rethink their strategies. Many organizations saw the benefit of working with Managed Learning Services providers, who could help them adapt to the changing business scenarios better.

The training and development market rode the wave as many private enterprises and government agencies allowed their employees to work from home. This created the need for remote training services. Working remotely was adapted quickly not only in the United States but also across the globe. In the new normal where remote workforce needed to be continually trained and supported, businesses  leaned towards outsourcing learning and development functions to third-party vendors to save on training costs.

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The Future of Training Service Providers

Since the Global Managed Learning Services market(1) is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate between 2021 and 2026, Managed Learning Service providers will witness significant increases in the demand for training delivery, adoption of outsourced learning services such as curriculum design and development, learning consultancy, and outcome-based services The increasing popularity of Managed learning services is due to the fact that it resolves the complexities of learning and development activities by improving business efficiency, minimizing training costs, and helping businesses focus on core competencies.

In addition to building flexibility of training, some MLS providers have the expertise in looking at the complete employee lifecycle, the operational objectives, business goals and metrics to provide repeatable and scalable personalized programs. The learning and training services that they provide enable upskilling of new and existing employees, from front-line personnel to the executive office. This empowers employees to reach their highest potential. At the same time, the company achieves overall business objectives.

However, not all MLS providers are the same. Experienced providers deliver effective optimal services with customer-centric approach, proven methodology, technical expertise, customization, outcomes-based approach, and most importantly, commitment.

Training outsourcing is a highly effective learning and development solution for modern businesses today and will continue to deliver its benefits well into the future. Learning and development programs have become a high priority for business leaders. Working with a managed learning provider helps businesses streamline the L&D process and deliver quality learning experiences to the workforce – quickly and effectively.


Managed learning services offer many benefits such as centralizing L&D functions, automation of workflow,  effective training delivery, and performance analytics. With the benefits associated with managed learning services ,many leading organizations have shifted to engage with training partners to automate the L&D lifecycle. Training outsourcing allows companies to close up skills disparities immediately, accelerate training development process and create new learning strategies for the future. Training outsourcing has become an effective solution for modern enterprise companies today, leading to a promising future. To learn more about how you can drive performance and outcomes with training, read the ebook: Managed Learning Outlook 2021


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