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    The Future of Learning Talent Solutions for L&D Organizations


What does the Future of Learning Talent within learning organizations in 2023 look like? As we begin edging our way out of 2022 & the shadow of the remote workforces and workforce reductions, what is next? How will the Gig Economy and Gig Workers impact the structure of our organizations? Should we return to a fully outfitted learning organization or should we co-source or just partner?

Explore with us the continuing evolution of the learning workforce and its changing makeup. Explore what many companies are doing as they begin the planning for the New Year and what that might mean to the structure and make-up of the talent within.

Join Jean Patrick, CEO & Co-founder, ScaleUp Edge as she share experiences associated from both the provider and the client organization perspectives. Review the insights and experiences on the Future of Learning Talent Solutions and what advantages and challenges this may bring to the new emerging workforce.



Jean Patrick – CEO & Co-founder, ScaleUp Edge
Jean is a strategic C-level executive who brings a breadth of knowledge from a variety of industries to build, scale and transform organizations from small to large public companies. She is known as a goal-driven leader who is not afraid to take on hard initiatives, with proven success developing business strategies to drive growth and streamline processes. She leverages her extensive experience in strategy, operations, and client account management to transform underperforming or failing businesses into profitable performers, accelerating automation, and leading through significant change from startup to repeatable and scalable organizations.

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